Podcast Hotel – Diversifying Ecosystem of Online Video – Liveblogging

Mary Hodder – Moderator
Kaliya –
Irina Slutsky
Nicole Simon

Think about whats out there in the ecosystem – what holes exist
the oriental and the occidental
The default and the other

oriental – term to desc the whole section of the world, where you could get killed, where we dont understand it

Map from 1620 from Morocco

map lays out – east and west
way everyone thinks about it
take ourselves out of normal situation
only ever live in the default
totally lose in lots of ways

1/2 of dabble engineers women
1/ of dabble from outside of US
have more of the other into what they are trying to make
the non-default
adds to what they are doing

decided to frame discussion into the default and the other

discuss the culture, the holes, the tools, cultural norms (online) and probs with current toolsets that expose or don’t expose
awareness can fix alot

List of holes
alexa – way alexa can reveal certain things
technorati link sys and link counting
Neilsen ratings
time difference (outside of the valley is the other place)
language and location
how do we get out of pure system that values metrics and measurements and embody qualitative values
tools for serendipity – discover things you never knew about

feel like you are in the other

blogger, podcaster
from Germany
discuss feeling in the other later

Irina Slutsky
classically trained journalist
studied issues about the other in Columbia Journalism

Kaliya – Identity Woman
has res alien card in her wallet
lives in and is part of this culture but it is not her culture
fortunate to work in the niche of the industry that is welcoming – Digital Identity
discuss culture and what we can do to inc. inclusivity

Josh Paul – CEO of co that does video on the net
tech perspective
released some software
blogged about
deaf community blogged about it –
he reached out – how do we use this tech in another way
no reason why he can’t place products in video (why not someone doing ASL in the video!)
people open to those ideas
as a creator, putting something out there and letting the market decide

being more open helps
does podtech have any contests?
Irina – yes
Nicole – GMT time is what she knows – time difference

Mary – Dabble
appaled when she had contest and lawyers said it could only be US residents
because of the ways the laws work – there are a lot of built in ways we make definitions – some legal, some social – cant change the ways the laws work for the contest
can build the architectures to make them more open (location diff or time diff) – openness and opportunity
cant give things to people
not men vs women – open vs closed
too easy for us to not think about it

create inclusivity for users

f2f events and how to make them more inclusive
we have dinner together in the evening
people sit with people they wouldnt otherwise sit with
forced cross pollination
diff that the reception at a conference
mingle – what do you know
one practical thing
creating space and social contact for new people to get connected

made the list of holes
things that they observe or missing or closed off
every one had the reaction of wow
down the list

the alien
top ranking traffic tools announced as the measurement
only counts visits from the toolbar and primarily US users
american company and competitor – alexa caters to US-centric audience
very specific comparison
alexa numbers – german blog has 1/10 the visitors
totally opposite
a lot of people put value on the ranking whenit is bogus

Alexa – matters to her in context
Alexa wants to be ubiquitous
alexa – super important to vc’s
as a company – building tools and pushed to using this one tool – you are then in a position to put a lot of emphasis on it – treat it as the worldview – narrow set of measurements that only matters in a certain context

google analytics – good impression of wheere users are coming from
surprised the # of intl users on the sites and podcasts
never saw before

Neilsen changing the way they are measuring
from # of hits to time on the website
leaving out viewership for tv ratings (students, ethnic groups, single moms who work)
big shift of trying to be inclusive in the statistics
good they were more aware and not there yet
haven’t figured out the right thing

use it to find or link or ID
she worked at technorati early on
use the term authority to desc. their concept of counting links
lots of links = lots of authority
diff ways of linking – some groups – early adopter
doesnt reflect the conversational middle
blog her – 2.5 yrs ago
all these women who were furious because they felt it was oppressive
b/c there was a choice iin the tool about emphasis – and called authority – so angry

how companies can be more inclusive and be more comfortable to use the service

make money
only way they can judge and get technorati link count – and it is low because they dont get links but give tons of value

default culture not where everyone else is from
we make assumptions on what is obvious to us – anatomy of a blog
need to practice “who do we want to make sure gets this”
new audiences, new people – whatever we are passionate about
ignoring the fact we have cult. defaults we arent aware of
lot to be said for hieroglyphs

Ze Frank – use of life vests
from 2 pages to a couple of pictures
user interface
AT&T used to travel with film reel how to dial a phone
is it a matter of putting out video tutorials or finding some image or hieroglyph to communicate
cross lang barriers because of it

great that it is being translated
for getting the jokes when you can read it
not only about companies
only talk about daily life – boring, not good, not higher purpose
videoblogs help nicole understand culture – pop, reality, etc.
nothing to think about – out of context
doesnt need to be companies
be resourceful to someone
what is good what is not good
imp for some to realize – may seem trivial

another thing – translate rocketboom to english with subtitles

Josh – dotsub implementation is great first step
what comes out the other end?
what happens when we get other languages down

Nicole –
most translations useless “raining cats and dogs”
more than just basic translation
steps in the right direction

Google – buying 411 service – Nicole needs to understand what 411 means

few things where nicole gets left out – because of language, context

podcasting iss great resource to be inclusive

taught to go into a company and see if there is a non-white male person to interview
hard to do in the valley 🙂

interviewing or doing something – keep it in mind
imp to do for inlusivity

problem of authority
who is to decide your video is the one to watch about x
how do you solve the problem
if genuinely skewed – b/c of sociological difference – how do we go about it?
want an authority figure

we vest those services with the authority b/c we pay attention to them and give thempower
most people in the blogosphere could care less about the top 100
how do we see those clusters and pay attention to people in those diff niches
what Social Media is about and get away

technorati only watches blogs

Mary –
when you write an algorithm – there is a viewpoint – no technology doesnt have a viewpoint or bias
top 100 the top 100 they know about and have discovered

choice – their system makes – livejournal blogs blogroll is on a diff page than main page – technorati doesnt index that

Aliya – seek out voices that are new
how are we making allies of the new folks
everyone is being more aware of those things
not just the other in the corner

if we want to be more inclusive = more tools, more time references, translations services, etc.

Podcast Hotel – Whats New In Podcasting – Liveblogging

Doug Kaye
From the Labs

Gigavox Media
one of the leaders in the podcasting space

DK – one of the older and oldest podcasters

podcaster before there was podcasting
IT COnversations in 2003

MP3s and RSS feeds and interviews
IT Con is owned by Gigavox Media
produced 2000 programs
60 programs a month
mult channels
podcast academy

Conversations Network
Social Innovation conversations

Very Informal thing
slapped together from other slides

some of the non profit and profit tools they are working on
anything we want to talk about
strong bg in audio
software development, radio

podcast and portable media expo – late sept – “Help, fix my audio”

showing how to edit, noise reduction, fileteiring editing

Which is Louder?

Interesting problem with videotaping something like this
when you want to record a spoken word event – put the camin the back of the room, put the cam into the soundboard

panel discussion
you get varying sound levels
mic variances, gain, lots of direct sound in the room
on a podcast it is awful
audio engineer – ok
by yourself – problem

Giga – produce a lot of interview programs
team of 55 people working oin the interviews
dont want to waste their time

Bruce Sharp and son – developed the levelator
free for all

can you assemble components automatically from components
ID at the top of the show
more intro
assembled auto from components
trouble hearing most of those cuts

build a show and do it automatically – do it at the same loudness
what we did

whats the standard
We asked
podcasters, audio engineers, radio engineers
answer – there isnt one – made up there own

Peak Normalization (common – audacity)
takes any signal and brings the peaks up to what you want
needs RMS normalization
analyzes the density of the waveform
soundforge and expensive apps built in

Levelator – put it out for free

people used to think Giga was a content company – but really a tech company

Levelator – app, free – gigavox.com – runs on windows, mac (intel and power pc and linux) – take uncompressed sound file, drag and drop – will smooth out the peaks from one speaker to the next
designed for spoken word events
not compressor, or limiter – not the noise gate
not in a analog chain

uneven levels WITHIN a podcast
building mathematical models of speakers to figure out what to do with the audio
Time and skill intensive to solve
auto drag and drop
free to all

Does levelator only work with uncompressed (wav and aiff?)

doesnt work with mp3 files –
one thing it has to do is make sound no worse that what you give it
mp3 – decode to uncompresss, run, and reencode
no way you can make it sound as good as the original

if recording as mp3 – record as highest bitrate possible
sound file will not sound as good if you do that

do no harm

trying to avoid additional decode recode step

dont support bad habits

Gigavox Audio Lite
relatively new
give it a try
prodcast production system
webbased service
not downloadable
first of a series
for video, all sorts of things
opening up the itconversations platform
avail for free to the individual
save time in producing podcasts
inc automated show assembly
instert spots and promos
podcasts with long shelf life
still popular
programs from gladwell – tipping point
those sponsors dont want the spots from 3 years ago in the new shows
in a prog thats heard today
rebuild every show in the archive every night
produce show in components
audio or video components same from show to show
decoupling production tasks
editing audio – put credits in for website content
hasnt been done yet

Unintended Consequences

SHow assembly optioins
staic programs – burned in components
On the fly assembly – (expensvie)
Does On Demand (giga)
push new version 1x a night when content has changed or if there is demand

15 components in their stuff

typical IT script

build shows based on components
GVU uploader – client side app
Episode editor
most imp screen in the system
components made to dev this app
play components in real time
campaign manager
config campaigns

massively scalable
poster child for amazon web services

$64 on infrastructure

encourage to go to gigavox.com – get levelator – sign up to be in the beta program for audio lite
will like a lot

COnversations Network
exec dir = Doug Kaye
events all over the world b/c no one is recording them
reach 6k people
100/1 ratio for these conferences
capture produce and dist spoken word content for free
curated content
have an arrangement for producer
professional post production and publish it
vision – grassroots version of this

what is a media rockstar
content far from rockstar world
record debates from 2008 elections
not just presidential – local, school board, all that are going on
tech conferences, lectures, meetings
how to capture?
monday announced
simple idea
volunteer team
2k people in 6 months
people with ability to go out and record audio and video in the community
decent job of capturing
post production then
audio video writers and producers
go to podcorps.org – where located and what skills are
working with eventful.com – captures events data
events that want to be recorded – tagged podcorps –
sys looks for events and matches to people who record

all volunteer
give back to local community
would like opp to do something good
how can podcasting be something we give back
go to podcorps .org
no obligation
eveent popup – email message to let us know
challenges – audio feed from soundboard and stuff

very simple

Eventful.com, OurMedia.org, Internet Archive
building database of stringers first
will likely find none
events find you

audio and video

events contact – work out the agreement

gigavox audio lite – just production – no serving – not solving distro problem

smart delivery – cool
pub URL or a “c name”
goes to their redirectors
gathering stats at program level and individual component
sponsor wants 100k impressions
can give report on the number of times
things in archive 1yr old – why push to ftp
redirection to old show – havent put it on their server yet

Podcast Hotel – Building a fanbase – Liveblogging

Moderator – Nate PAgel – Poddaddies
John Hartman – Feedia
Chris Pirillo – Lockergnome
Colin Brumelle – Mixed content – Bryght.com
devs communities around musicians and artists
Robert Scales – Rain City Studios – Drupal dev shop in Canada – creates communities – config, themeing, and web communities since 04 – askaninja, kidsworld,
Ian Beatty – Project Opus


CB –
what does bldg online communities meas?
couple of rules
transparency is the new black
more you let them see the more you let them see the content
can empathize
build bigger relationships with your fans

NP – look at the rockstars – Ze Frank, RBoom – from the heart

BC – the best way to succeeed is to create compelling content constantly
as a developer rolling out features is an example
getting things out there
in the past people used to say qual not quant
Stalin – quant has a certain quant all its own

when you talk about community – you cant create it – it creates itself
have tools to facilitate
set up UStream
set up chatrooms
launched another chatroom on IRC
95 people in that chat ready to ask questions and interact
acapulco earthquake example
community built the USTream page for pirillo – having fun, interacting
updates on page and chatroom
easy way to switch feeds
starting something and letting community take part is key
not trying to broadcast out to the community – wants to interact with them
doing things live and produced content is far more exciting way than podcasting or videocasting (without a live audience)

really focused on the business side
help orgs figure the space out
immediately the CEO – make me a video and put me on the web
found the frameworks and structures arent quite there
lot of COs out there seeing traction
lot of companies not ready – dont have the framework in place
manage and deal wiht all this content
how to best provide these solutions – from CP to Intel
put it together in packages

NP – who comes to you?
JH – diff sizes
project with Intel
7 episodes in a pilot project
black monday
other clients – attensa, software companies, innovative and viral spaces
large sports franchise
large implmentations – enterprise solutions for hardware – social media and blogging tools

NP – CEO of poddaddies
up there – first cust blipTV
share revs with users
get third of revs
ind video pub and artist
int in content creation and dist stuff and get it out there

NP – QUestion – MySPace and YouTube are options – what else can you do – best ways of dist? getting paid, access to people
CP – twitter great for org flashmobs
build followers
using those tools for best adv – if paying attention – will be living in the now
doing things diff – using it to see trends (RScoble)

CB – staying on top of where everyone is
resisting using twitter – some people
need to let go
listen to community
be part of it
invest in it

every year – new social networking tool
facebook exploding
new trends – question of patience
loving flickr
go above to connect to upcoming.org
use and build on each social networking apps
crosslink on a dozen sites or communities – build googlejuice, ability to be found, pagerank
be patient – utilize, build foundation, use OpenID, go seamless
no standard for passwords

NP –
patient and consistent lets you grow
dont have to be on myspace and youtube exclusively
read EndUserLicense agreements – its a contract
control the rights
know where your stuff is going
applies to you
keep ownership
not a bad idea – post something on youtube and elsewhere
interesting place to test viability
general thoughts of MySPace and YouTube

RS –
lots of platforms
adds timecodes (Viddler)
put tags inline with content
you have options and solutions
you can always go somewhere else with better terms
biggest, but not necessarily best
million small nice communities
going from biggest to best not always the best way to do it
small gatherings and extend from there
whatever you are interested in and passionate about

amazing things going on
nonlinear int experience
commenting video inside of vid
not looking for straight line
ways to interact
things with ABC – a lot of their stuff online
buying ads on terrestrial and online
ads online are more web based, interactive
changing the way we consume media

NP – how about making money?
distribution, sure – but want to be a rockstar?\

JH – finding sponsors
Podtech and Scoble example
unil you have the audience – lot of ad svces workign in conjunction with vid and audio
Ex – podcaster news
5 min
specific futuristic topic
when the ad guys listened to the shows – audience share was small compared to the guys talking about lost
craft and focus of what content is will affect monetization
entertainment, music see better ad revs

RS – thats changed
its a work of love
do it b/c you want to do it in the first place
aska ninja – they busted their behinds getting it out and growing community
in june – new website – added features – added UGS options
ad revenue minimal – hard to sustain hosting and design
patience and plan of action to execute
paying off now – took time and investment of effort to make rev to make it work well to continue
when you enter in that sort of venture – be patient
fans will want to work with you
pay your dues
ask a ninja – good example

NP – John Batelle – Fed Media
doing a lot of things
internet rockstar in 1.5 years possible – not so in music
not a get rich quick scheme – takes time – be consistent, do show
every day = every day or just do fridays

CP – Live has sucked ERice in again

Eric Rice – live youtube
havent see what would happen with passion and pop of youtube and made it live and realtime
all the fun and pain of youtube – make it live
what killed podcasting for ER was doing a live show
be on the move constantly
spirit of podcasting died – seriously affected how we make media
paradigm shift – rss on demand
people did the opposite of our idealism is about (RSS adoption)
exception to internet rockstardom
go to a random mall in america – bring up Robert Scoble – no one knows or care
indicative of the echo chamber
YouTube – owns the content sucks – dont own you – work around it
YT – oppressive terms of service could be a good thing
the personality as the product or the commodity

NP – questions

Question – an overall def of what you consider and internet rockstar to be?
NP – rockstar – successful doing what they are doing in the internet world in general – all about having dist, viewwers, community – doesnt necessarily mean celebrity
SHow on bliptv – good night burbank – no one knows who they are – put it out there, and got what they wanted – about building a community first
internet rockstar successful doing stuff oin the internet

WHats the measure of success?
CP – largely depends
hard to compare with someone else – no direct correlation
level of celeb is never defined the same by individuals
everyone has difff measurement

BC – nature of celeb is changing
long tail flattens hit driven economy
not created by machine, but from the ground up
pay your dues and get noteriety

readers that are listening and communicating, back and forth and excchange = rockstar

maintaining a relationship more important

Internet ROckstar – deplorable – we are talking about community leaders
community – saying – if comm is 5 people and they look to you as a leader – and they yelp a restaurant – you are a community leader

terminology changes – WTF outloud

toolss come in handy b/c you have influence
more cool than saying you are an alpha geek

ben brown – internet rockstar

interesting communities – digg party, viable, make magazine – if they cant translate into real world, then a nebulous thing much like community manager is nebulous

questions in the balcony stage

comparing Ustream to Youtube – whats the core differentiator?

BC – the music world – live is best – engage the response from audience and shapes what you create
no way a live stream wouldnt have more interactiving
and you can edite taped later – live – screw up and move on

working on it – capturing the last 12 hrs they have got
idea of capturing video, sponsor crawl and chat at the same time
done it and putting a finer point on it
wrapping drupal – to put a community on it

soon – battle of others
UStream allows you to embed it on your page
YT has reach and community
using youtube to drive to live stream

money thing – no one talking in depth
put forth an idea – isnt it for the short term simple – whether site of needlepoint or edutainment – about brand integrated entertainment as alt advertiser

integration opps come up and patron subsidizes the work – immediate way to monetize
rev gen to cover expenses and lifestyle – need community and clickthrus – need traffic – that is the labor of love

community on day one – CP did it
CP – would approach sponsor and translate the passion
show the love – create a relationship
passion can makes things happen
if you can find smart partners to complete the other side of the puzzle you will make success
leverage the assets you have
wheres the rest of it – where are you going, showing , does it fit into a master plan – leverage the things you have

get substantial arrangement

a lot on faith – faith in chris, the product – passion

NP – you need to focus on show and community – be consistent first and worry about the money later

Web2.0 – Evangelism Part 2- Liveblogging

Tools of the trade

enourmouse # of technologies

cant participate in all communities – have to pick and choose
can try out all the clones for free or low cost
Not an endorsement of any tech – best tool for him or her – might not work – hosted versus local

tools out there – to get at tofay

the ecosystem

a lot of tools fall into one to one category

all web2.0 tech powerful enuff to abuse or misues


1. Your Site
Blogs, RSS, forums, email

2. Out at the Edges
blogosphere, social networks, photo and vid sharing –

3. Offline – (3d worlds)
events, meetups, conferences

make your own presence as a company known

very interative tools

start small and private and expand over time

change from buying a superbowl as

easy to get intimidated – how to do all this stuff

how to manage all the attention and info – pick and choose little pieces, start small and expand over time
Part of the community itself

Categories of tools
SOcial Networks
email lists

list of 10 other things – all req interactivity and maintenance and managment

not all tech right for every org

“rules are” – they are full of it – misleading lie – everyone doesnt need the same difunct lifestyle

2 or 3 – maybe not everything

regularly updated, frequently updated – what its all about

blogs – owner starts conv and everyone responds
wiki – share document between a number of people

social networking underpinning of these tech
enable who you have relationship in a specific way
relationship confers some status

groups and forums connect community to each other

“a series of tubes becomes a series of crossroads”

complement between the diff tools

highlights of key ones

great starting point
immediate and ongoing connection
provides human face to the evangelist
enables you to join the community
be proactive and quick to act
low barrier to entry (just get started)

keep the relationship going in a consistent way

start with what works for you – ok to start without comments – didnt allow comments when they started

feeds , permalinks, established blogging elements

lot of the tools self correct over time – listen to the community – they will have impact and you will have a better result

not being dogmatic or bullheaded

not about the tools – blogs are forgiving and about a relationship – plenty of places to find online
great great complments to the other tools

Podcasting and videoblogging
VIdeo services – metacafe, blip, photobucket

photo tools – flickr, photobucket

desktop tools – iMovie, Quicktime, Audactity, Picasa

tools becoming commodified

editable web pages
great for collaboration on evolving projects
need tending
hosted vs server side
hosted – social text, jotspot, PBWiki
server – mediawiki, instiki

can rapidly go out of date
inaccuracies and errors if not tended

everything has mistakes – key= people who are interested in managing and maintaingn and organize – let them organize

willing to play a littl, it doesnt have to be perfect

follow model as blogs – free or cheap and getup&go – or installed software (call IT dept) – more complex but more power

easy to move data between diff types of software

all prod are low enough to expense 🙂

not uncommon

wiki good tool for internalizing evangelism

wiki less scary inside org

tie to email address for business and internal use – people grow up – wouldnt do that with name attached to it

any site with a feed can be tracked passively and centralized
cuts down on the number of email newsletters
feeds for concepts, searches, topics – search the future

subscribe to feed on a topic – verticalizes what you are searching

more broad than just the exact name – not having to track all the blogs – have the software do the work

discover sites and blogs discussing the topic

hosted vs server for feed reading – power users want offline

sharepoint and portal apps allow feed reading as well

get out there in the community
anything on your blog can link out – post screenshots to flickr, upload video to youtube
ensure you are easy to find
use tags, social bookmarks
use the same screenname across the ecosystem
create a presence – product community page, events calendar

be respectful of the context you are in
myspace and plumbers 😉

devil is in the details – use the same tags – persistent vocabulary – use the same screenname across ecosystem

GM mention
find us on – and then all the networks you participate in

care about participating in those communities

authenticity – dont join a network just to be on it – if you cant add something useful and acting like a native and being honest for that group of users – dont do it – thats OK

no reason to have empty – noting lonelier than flickr without photos

SOme guiding priciples

Be Authentic
you are not in control
get transparent

a Day In The Life

How do you keep up with this stuff
skillset and type of person

a day in the life of mr dash
works in blogging company
every customer has a blog
wonderful customers not afraid to kick in the ass

x tens of millions with tools
track 4-5 brands
2-3 senior executives represent the company
any mention of the brands or people is considered an obligation for 6A to respond
SF, PAris, Tokyo
25 million people, 25 lang, 20 key terms
volume in blog posts mentioning in a lang they can respond in tends to be 6-700 posts
on days when launching something new to somethign active – 10k posts
goal to acknowledge every one
over time – reduced the amount of resources it takes to do it
1. uses all of the feed search systems
a. icerocket, technorati, sphere.com, yahoo blgo search, google blog search
each tool does a search for a product term – searches for all – opens each search in own tab in FFox bookmarkes the tabs
does for each products
feed of every search for the tools
how the day begins
some agg have the tools built in
dashboard – lots of spam and people misusing the terms
take away x %
some people are tag spammers – broad brush
heart of customer comm
diff cats – hey trying out this product or service – mention it in passing
people who just formed a relationship with the org
key opps to say HI I am with X – thanks for talking, considering doing a meeting – huge touchpoint
surprised where thay benefit comes back
POC that early changes impressions
most is fairly structured – not in favor of copy and pasting – follow structure – make bullet list of main points and make them releavant
saying something that is unique to a certain community
“hello, welcome, thanks”
and add on epiece of info that isnt sales-y
“if you need information – here is how to get in touch”

will expose if there is a problem with help at your company

Asymmetrical – will find the gaps and the outliers – where to take the notes and maintain a record

second major group is moderately disgruntled
annoyed, peeved, little problems
fairly straightforward
9 out of 10 – prob aware of it if engaged in community – shouldnt be a surprise
once you set policy you can talk about what you are doing about it
justify what you get in exchange for the fees

underprmise and overdeliver
aware and working on it
fix it or explain – but be sincere
they will understand by being upfront

2 easy cases – welcome to the community or you have a problem

3rd – people who are really upset

most upset for something that has nothing to do with your company, product, service
your product failed at the wrong time – impetus is never about the failure of the prod – you can never say “here is what you are upset about” – cant do that – more exasperating

going a little beyond makes a big difference

more when the battery comes back

Web2.0 – Evangelism – Liveblogging

Deb Schultz and Anil Dash

deb and anil

Philosophy of evangelism
what is community evangelism
Key concepts
Human tools and tech tools
technical know-how
case studies

WHat can you do with a Book? (AD)

concept that informs a lot of what he sees personally

talk to young people – what can they do with a book – read it, notes, cover it, burn it
dont quickly get to the idea they can write a book

dramatic change for them – they have control over somethign they interact with every day

profound disctinction re the web – the web is something they can manipulate, creat and control

Want to start a podcast, reach a large audience

ton of times reading books or school – but none on the web

diff is the potential of evan

what they can do with the mediaum

2 ideas to review – Persistance and Awareness
fundamental enablers
make the rest o what we do powerful
how many use print or DM?
small number
some actually still cold call caustomers

how do we shift from old school to new school – thru persistance and awareness
obvious in retrospect

media is totally disposabel – degrade automatically – can be lost forever
business comm – a lot that we send comm in a way that says “this is disposable” –
we dont have to settle for that – great comm can be made that we want to keep – meaningful enuff that we want to keep over time

Visits to the Long Tail
from the last month
61% from last month, 27% older than 1 month, 12% older than one month from search

how much of our commm is around newness, and immediacy – we are ignoring almost 1/2 that conv

people are sending links, passing them on, referring to the later

lots of comm going on that is persistant over time – valuable for the long run.
see a lot of cisitors to older content on a blog that is about writing a book (aritfact on a shelf for the rest of your life

blog is persistant over time

social tension arising from use using email and IM over time
emo we need something to hold on to

ikea is a maze – cant get out without buying something

not how the web works
exp of going thru store where they are controlling everywhere you go and everything you see

profound thing – not having a maze

Permalinks and date stamp – see them forever
what was missing from those company websites designed to be ikea store
in all of social media there is a social contract – date stamp promises there will be more updates


because no ones name was attached they were free to make something that didnt have value – namestamp is a confirmation of value

wikipedia – edit link – we trust you to be part of the editing – think about what a leap or promise that is

i have the right to be on the page – think of the risk and opp they are taking wiht that – social expectations being set – I WILL STAY IN TOUCH

Intentions of maintainging relationships

want to talk to someone other than asking for money

we dont stay in touch –

how do we turn the promise to stay in touch where we actually do stay in touch

fulfilling that promise to stay in touch

at the bottom line – what matters

the reason we can trat them as disposable – they are

if we promise and we do so the bar is raised – we can only stay in touch if we add value – no value less attention is paid

kids can watch a movie over and over

resonance there that doesnt happen with web and web20 tech

1/3 of the books he moved he never read

intention of emotional connection

books and movies about meaning ful things we have that ARENT people

can comm using web2.0 that is meaningful and resonant as the best media we consume

as meaningful and the best movie you have ever seen

making something lasting, meaningful and persistant

not to say it will be in the same way – but will be able to comm and treat with the respect appropriate to that comm (friends getting engaged announced with txt)

treating phys objects as disposable – they dont have to be – they can be valuable


how meaningful a relationship you can have with non-competitors

crux of info overload problem
one key resp as evangelist is to nav sea of info to find what has value and what needs to be trashed

“I NEED MORE EMAIL” – no one says that

awareness not about alert messages – prone to being misused

thoughtless – not appropriate – hurts attention – worse than spam –

junkmail can be deleted – mental expense of people being unintentionally being thoughtless because tools allow it, enable – rude by accident – tools encourage us to do that


offer forgiveness for myself and all of us

dont have to be rude

what inspired us – what do people love and covet – ipod, tivo, wii

why these tools were diff than fax machine in office space

same fols working on them

should be similar

diff b/c they offer you control

tv commercials – loud, obnoxious, annouting

good tv now

tivo – not beholden to schedules or commercials – control
ipod – control instead of radio station
wii – 1 button , move it around – visceral powerful levels of control –

how do we trans to web experiences?


Feeds about control – choosing where and when you get info
subscribe, get info – on your terms, on your time

some of the best tools for feed look like tivo, ipod and wii

seeing there is a convergence towards software and web tech and phys devices enabling control

persistanc e- val over time
awareness – connection without being rude

Persistance + awareness = a relationship

relationship doesnt fit into columns

assign metrics and measurement about evangelism

goal of evangelism – maintain a relationship on the web

using web2.0 to build relationships


Customeer advocate
listener and educator
world of control – corp has lost a huge amount of control – they can make a huge difference

role of evangelist can bring individuals and community along

Amongst the people – being a native as well as on the road

increaing numbers of ethnographers and anthropologists getitng into tech

everyone here will be talkign about users as if they are the other – we are different from them – we are different – we need to get inside the world of people who dont care and dont use all day every day

learn from it and respect it – there is a diff culture out there and be part of it and bring use to it

evangelist is not sales or marketing role – human face of the company – 3d embodiyment

online and offline – cross functional – not just role of the marketer – not solely a markeitng role
that individual has to have and feel comfortable and empowered across the company – HR, Marketing, corporate, CS

Internal as well as external – need to be able to interface with marketing and CS
not just outsiders –

foil for the company or a critic – say things your CEO doesnt want to hear
externally facing – biggest fan | internally biggest critic

“gone native” – off there on the other side – living in a middle of a bridge between the two

human skills

Catalyst (Starfish and the spider – decentralized awareness persistant landscape)
Partial Geek
Driven by relationships

catalyst connector role – need to connect and forge relationships

perceived egotistical evangelist isnt bad

working and thinking on the feet alot

pushing pushing

interesting balance – element to succeeding where good evangelists become as well known in the brands they are worknig with as their communities – is it for you or the company/product

if aligned to these values it is clear to what you are in service of

interesting tension to be explored –

conquistadors thought they were evangelists (ended up destroying the civ they visited – DeSoto)

geek vs partial geek – translating and human skills – you end up treading more lightly – very instructuve to think of the conversation and interactions

bringing your cult to the world that isnt read yet – evolution, interation and change

important – like porn – in it for their ego or corp ego – you know it when you see it

before you start an evangelism program – make sure you are aligned with where the company is
ask the tough questions up front

already dozens of bloggers around MS

that kind of face

transparency – len hasnt gotten a lot of credit for being a catalyst behind that – a lot of clarity around the bigger goal

Sometimes transactions dont matter

there is an exchange going on – its ok to admit that – but need to find respect

Key Concepts

Democratization of tools and access
The Live Web
Amateur culture
Increased individual influence
COntrol is out of control
let the seller beware
people are the message

Blogging and the role of marketing – now we can jump into the conversation
human face – corp blogs and ceo blogs – connector and curator

kind of person that can jump in – people are the message – markets and conversations of the cluetrain

they are paying you – respect and listen to them – relationships take work – take time, take effort – in it for the long haul

ANil hates the title
no better work yet
overtly religious analogy going on – look at people who practice and the ones most effective are not evangelists – they are witnesses – live the life you want others to experience

for those evangelizing – goal has to be to live the benefits – if we participate we will gain from it

the role of witnessing – diversion but important point – pounding the podium doesnt work

ideas to cover before break – using web2 to build relationships
1 be where your audience is – mentally and physicall – in the communities online – sometimes in the ugly parts of the web – hard time justifying you are working if that site is in your browser – translating into biz req will save time and trouble later

clean polished parts of the web not where the edge is

someone driven by other motivations will not spend time being detective

not into challenge

no its not

2. Offer something of value – not bribery – info is most valuable (inc connection), validation
a response saying I read what you said (no qual, not agreeing) – saying “I am with this company and are responsing to what you said – goes a long way – validation is huge
things you take for granted – is valuable

3. Use WHat You Got
decision making process of one initiative – put it out there for debat – means the world to those using the product or considering a purchase
share that part of the conversation “oh, you actually put thought into this”
dont have insight or respect of it

can get lost in transparency and authenticity

baby steps to talking in a different tone

not that difficult a transition to make

If youdidnt get your badge this AM – tables at bottom of escalator


Gnomedex – Steve Gilmor

Attention – getting thru the pile of bullshit and getting to what has meaning

will make an announcement about something in the attention arena – will move forward now

attention records – records clickstream – contribute it to hd or service of choise

3 or 4 of them out there

omidyar network funded – gilmore took opp to resign and as pres to start up gesturebank

root.net – root markets – and gesturebank teaming to create something that inc. – the attention operating system

we own our info – period

users in control

any pub who fights it will be demolished

ask has resp to its clients and customers – but if they donw

an open pool of metadata

give someone who contributes the ability to leverage that info

driver of attention economy is affinity groups

blogosphere is an affinity group – some pol, some tech, etc

within that – google and all are already monetizing

how do you make money ? choice? open or closed – not sure that works (sean)

page view model is being replaced

every lead is crap

aarp has cred because of the size of its userbase – its affinity group

we have a lot of clout in this environment

Gnomedex – Marc Canter

Open Standards how do we evolve – what is a standard – how do we acknowledge super geek – innercore nerds influence early adopters have something to do with the software – build influence RSS day ackn the fact that RSS was open standard that is why we are here so with rss what we do withother things not about big or small – about open and close 80s – apple vs MS – who are you aligned with GYMA (Google, Yahoo, MS, AOL and Fox)

the power is with us

gnomedex is inncore nerds


cant argue against open or closed

what should be sanitized – the line drawn for services that are maintained for their own

where do we share features and call our own

every vendor needs way to differentiate

for the end users – at what point is it appropriate to be standards based, and yet at what point can we be unique to differentiate

getting in and out – portability for my data

FOAF – friend of a friend – file format or data struct

format – sharing standards but then stealing it

calendars – how to get the standards to be simple to integrate – standards comm keep adding features

real value in the data or the services?

ecopsystems and portals/ways to make money – business model for what they want to do

no proprietary file format – using standards – if people care join cal connect .org

attention and monetizing, and management – wittness in 6 months the evolution of the attention standard – makingthings available in attention.xml right?

attention economy – next big thing

for marc all about open standards

canter wants pickets when people close things up

being closed is the opposite of open

social capital person invewsts in friendships are thiers – by myspace not supporting export delet that –

what about publishers?

canter – provide compelling experiences to users

exp around it – digital lifestyle aggg – portal – if 5 pubs send out the same stuff

how do you make the economic case – do something with the open standards?

show how elegantly to move

all about the end user experience

if your clients are in the chess game – see 5, 7, 12, 25 moves ahead

inc leverage game off y and a saying they want to be open, MS swaying, google throuwing shit in the wind

giant dinos – innovative small companies are pushing process forward

open standards the bridges and causeways that interconnect these islands

80s – sw corp would have mult prod, mult features – during the bubble – all told it was ok to go pub with 1 or 2 fetures

hack up a few features – lots of small products, not products, small sets of features – standards to interconnect the pieces off the puzzle – making archipelagos –

room for small guys and we are waiting for the big guys to crush us

GNomedex – Steve Rubell

How we can all become part of the conversation – because some companies are afraid of the conversation world is flat – value created thru collab and connecting bloggers, podcasters, startups – how to connect

Jim Podcasting news – mktg goes from speaking to an audience to listeneing

How does PR and Marketing speak better?

folks – trarget better

pubs – dont complain so much

ultimately they want to build a relationship – build value

we knw we have to think about motivations and what you want – diff thoughts are valueable

honest conversation – no marketing hacks – sunshine up ass – let people talk to folks at the company

Southwest is doing it right

Passionate about Toilet Paper

pARTICIPATion – utility vs passion

PR people think advertising is busted

control is the universal lang all marketers speak

not us vs them

cant just push ideas – many years of pushing and pushin on consumers

tod cochrane (geek news central) – talks to marketing folks and works with sponsires – some getit and some dont

ongoing battle

losen up and let us talk

2 points – wrner – no one is passionate about toilet paper – look at reviews for tp in amazon – people are passionate about everything

advertising in the way of high quality content

experiment – some time in the past amazon did tv ads – decided tv costs a ton of money

giving money back to customers is more effective

get involved in marketing

job search engine – talk to bloggers to judge the products – think about marketing as their program

hacking marketing and getting people in the process

character blogs are crappy

way to hide behind a genuine conversation

marketers need to learn about the communites they are entering