Attention – getting thru the pile of bullshit and getting to what has meaning

will make an announcement about something in the attention arena – will move forward now

attention records – records clickstream – contribute it to hd or service of choise

3 or 4 of them out there

omidyar network funded – gilmore took opp to resign and as pres to start up gesturebank – root markets – and gesturebank teaming to create something that inc. – the attention operating system

we own our info – period

users in control

any pub who fights it will be demolished

ask has resp to its clients and customers – but if they donw

an open pool of metadata

give someone who contributes the ability to leverage that info

driver of attention economy is affinity groups

blogosphere is an affinity group – some pol, some tech, etc

within that – google and all are already monetizing

how do you make money ? choice? open or closed – not sure that works (sean)

page view model is being replaced

every lead is crap

aarp has cred because of the size of its userbase – its affinity group

we have a lot of clout in this environment

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