Mary Hodder – Moderator
Kaliya –
Irina Slutsky
Nicole Simon

Think about whats out there in the ecosystem – what holes exist
the oriental and the occidental
The default and the other

oriental – term to desc the whole section of the world, where you could get killed, where we dont understand it

Map from 1620 from Morocco

map lays out – east and west
way everyone thinks about it
take ourselves out of normal situation
only ever live in the default
totally lose in lots of ways

1/2 of dabble engineers women
1/ of dabble from outside of US
have more of the other into what they are trying to make
the non-default
adds to what they are doing

decided to frame discussion into the default and the other

discuss the culture, the holes, the tools, cultural norms (online) and probs with current toolsets that expose or don’t expose
awareness can fix alot

List of holes
alexa – way alexa can reveal certain things
technorati link sys and link counting
Neilsen ratings
time difference (outside of the valley is the other place)
language and location
how do we get out of pure system that values metrics and measurements and embody qualitative values
tools for serendipity – discover things you never knew about

feel like you are in the other

blogger, podcaster
from Germany
discuss feeling in the other later

Irina Slutsky
classically trained journalist
studied issues about the other in Columbia Journalism

Kaliya – Identity Woman
has res alien card in her wallet
lives in and is part of this culture but it is not her culture
fortunate to work in the niche of the industry that is welcoming – Digital Identity
discuss culture and what we can do to inc. inclusivity

Josh Paul – CEO of co that does video on the net
tech perspective
released some software
blogged about
deaf community blogged about it –
he reached out – how do we use this tech in another way
no reason why he can’t place products in video (why not someone doing ASL in the video!)
people open to those ideas
as a creator, putting something out there and letting the market decide

being more open helps
does podtech have any contests?
Irina – yes
Nicole – GMT time is what she knows – time difference

Mary – Dabble
appaled when she had contest and lawyers said it could only be US residents
because of the ways the laws work – there are a lot of built in ways we make definitions – some legal, some social – cant change the ways the laws work for the contest
can build the architectures to make them more open (location diff or time diff) – openness and opportunity
cant give things to people
not men vs women – open vs closed
too easy for us to not think about it

create inclusivity for users

f2f events and how to make them more inclusive
we have dinner together in the evening
people sit with people they wouldnt otherwise sit with
forced cross pollination
diff that the reception at a conference
mingle – what do you know
one practical thing
creating space and social contact for new people to get connected

made the list of holes
things that they observe or missing or closed off
every one had the reaction of wow
down the list

the alien
top ranking traffic tools announced as the measurement
only counts visits from the toolbar and primarily US users
american company and competitor – alexa caters to US-centric audience
very specific comparison
alexa numbers – german blog has 1/10 the visitors
totally opposite
a lot of people put value on the ranking whenit is bogus

Alexa – matters to her in context
Alexa wants to be ubiquitous
alexa – super important to vc’s
as a company – building tools and pushed to using this one tool – you are then in a position to put a lot of emphasis on it – treat it as the worldview – narrow set of measurements that only matters in a certain context

google analytics – good impression of wheere users are coming from
surprised the # of intl users on the sites and podcasts
never saw before

Neilsen changing the way they are measuring
from # of hits to time on the website
leaving out viewership for tv ratings (students, ethnic groups, single moms who work)
big shift of trying to be inclusive in the statistics
good they were more aware and not there yet
haven’t figured out the right thing

use it to find or link or ID
she worked at technorati early on
use the term authority to desc. their concept of counting links
lots of links = lots of authority
diff ways of linking – some groups – early adopter
doesnt reflect the conversational middle
blog her – 2.5 yrs ago
all these women who were furious because they felt it was oppressive
b/c there was a choice iin the tool about emphasis – and called authority – so angry

how companies can be more inclusive and be more comfortable to use the service

make money
only way they can judge and get technorati link count – and it is low because they dont get links but give tons of value

default culture not where everyone else is from
we make assumptions on what is obvious to us – anatomy of a blog
need to practice “who do we want to make sure gets this”
new audiences, new people – whatever we are passionate about
ignoring the fact we have cult. defaults we arent aware of
lot to be said for hieroglyphs

Ze Frank – use of life vests
from 2 pages to a couple of pictures
user interface
AT&T used to travel with film reel how to dial a phone
is it a matter of putting out video tutorials or finding some image or hieroglyph to communicate
cross lang barriers because of it

great that it is being translated
for getting the jokes when you can read it
not only about companies
only talk about daily life – boring, not good, not higher purpose
videoblogs help nicole understand culture – pop, reality, etc.
nothing to think about – out of context
doesnt need to be companies
be resourceful to someone
what is good what is not good
imp for some to realize – may seem trivial

another thing – translate rocketboom to english with subtitles

Josh – dotsub implementation is great first step
what comes out the other end?
what happens when we get other languages down

Nicole –
most translations useless “raining cats and dogs”
more than just basic translation
steps in the right direction

Google – buying 411 service – Nicole needs to understand what 411 means

few things where nicole gets left out – because of language, context

podcasting iss great resource to be inclusive

taught to go into a company and see if there is a non-white male person to interview
hard to do in the valley 🙂

interviewing or doing something – keep it in mind
imp to do for inlusivity

problem of authority
who is to decide your video is the one to watch about x
how do you solve the problem
if genuinely skewed – b/c of sociological difference – how do we go about it?
want an authority figure

we vest those services with the authority b/c we pay attention to them and give thempower
most people in the blogosphere could care less about the top 100
how do we see those clusters and pay attention to people in those diff niches
what Social Media is about and get away

technorati only watches blogs

Mary –
when you write an algorithm – there is a viewpoint – no technology doesnt have a viewpoint or bias
top 100 the top 100 they know about and have discovered

choice – their system makes – livejournal blogs blogroll is on a diff page than main page – technorati doesnt index that

Aliya – seek out voices that are new
how are we making allies of the new folks
everyone is being more aware of those things
not just the other in the corner

if we want to be more inclusive = more tools, more time references, translations services, etc.

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