How we can all become part of the conversation – because some companies are afraid of the conversation world is flat – value created thru collab and connecting bloggers, podcasters, startups – how to connect

Jim Podcasting news – mktg goes from speaking to an audience to listeneing

How does PR and Marketing speak better?

folks – trarget better

pubs – dont complain so much

ultimately they want to build a relationship – build value

we knw we have to think about motivations and what you want – diff thoughts are valueable

honest conversation – no marketing hacks – sunshine up ass – let people talk to folks at the company

Southwest is doing it right

Passionate about Toilet Paper

pARTICIPATion – utility vs passion

PR people think advertising is busted

control is the universal lang all marketers speak

not us vs them

cant just push ideas – many years of pushing and pushin on consumers

tod cochrane (geek news central) – talks to marketing folks and works with sponsires – some getit and some dont

ongoing battle

losen up and let us talk

2 points – wrner – no one is passionate about toilet paper – look at reviews for tp in amazon – people are passionate about everything

advertising in the way of high quality content

experiment – some time in the past amazon did tv ads – decided tv costs a ton of money

giving money back to customers is more effective

get involved in marketing

job search engine – talk to bloggers to judge the products – think about marketing as their program

hacking marketing and getting people in the process

character blogs are crappy

way to hide behind a genuine conversation

marketers need to learn about the communites they are entering

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