The preceeding post…

results when you are trying to explain to someone what a content management system is, and they tell you a blog isn’t a cms, and you are trying to share some knowledge and they need it shown to them.

And how WordPress allows you to insert pictures when they tell you they cant do that.


WordPress tweakin

This is fun and tricky at the same time. From my first 3 or 4 days with WP, it is really difficult (nearly impossible if you dont know CSS or PHP) to create your own theme. If there was an HTML to WP converter, life would be sweet.

I have played with a lot of the CSS on the current look and feel. At this point, with all the mistakes and redos and “you gotta be f*ckin kiddin me” moments I have done up until now, there is very little chance I will change the theme.

Very little.

Very Little.

Still, WordPress is still pretty cool.

WordPress Themes

The hardest thing to get around WordPress is the theme system. I DONT KNOW PHP! So there is a lot of tweaking and testing and playing and trying to find ways around the 2 or 3 little things that I dont like about any particular thing

That being said, I love WordPress.

Hello World Via WordPress

So this is the “Hello World” for my Blog. Thanks to the sick 1-click install at Dreamhost and my buddy Ace ( ) for putting me onto these guys. In about 15 minutes my account was created, WP was installed, and I was rolling.

Customizing the themes is a little advanced for me, but I am having fun. Gonna start creating content tomorrow.

Hello World.