The following are recommendations from former clients, co-workers and friends and are also available on my LinkedIn profile.

“Sean Bohan is in a class by himself! He truly “gets it” in the on-line digital marketing and social networking arena. He is bright, creative, future oriented and has the ability to apply cutting edge strategic thinking to the real world. He not only stays abreast of digital trends and emerging technologies, he lives and breathes them. He brought great ideas to our program, yet was always willing to listen and consider other suggestions. He is customer focused, with an enthusiasm that is contagious! Working with Sean was fun, enlightening, at times crazy, but effective and achieved results. I would highly recommend Sean!” September 25, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

– Linda Stephens
Global Director at General Motors / IS&S
hired Sean as a Digital Consultant and Program Manager in 2007

“Sean is one of the few people that truly “get it” in the online marketing industry. He’s smart, dedicated, driven, and excels at bringing cutting-edge strategic thinking to complex projects for huge clients. But his prowess at client wrangling, project management, creative problem solving and technical documentation are only part of the equation that is Sean Bohan. He is also genuinely concerned with the well-being of his co-workers and direct reports. He is fanatically devoted to doing “the right thing”, and is willing to go to bat for anybody that is doing the same. He is kind and generous, and one of the easiest people to work with I’ve met. I would highly and without any reservation recommend Sean to any organization.” August 11, 2008

Jevan Woolley
Interactive Strategy Director, McCann Worldgroup
worked directly with Sean at MRM Worldwide

“Sean provides excellent cllient service. He makes himself available to clients around the clock and works hard to help them identify and implement solutions. His in-depth knowledge and understanding of online social networking, collaboration, strategy,advertising, and project management make him a powerful asset to any online program. On top of that Sean’s enthusiasm, humor, and fun-loving demeanor make workinging with him an truly enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Sean to anyone interested in executing an effective online project.” April 19, 2007

Paul Smith Web Team Leader, Northrop Grumman IT (USAAC contractor )
was a consultant or contractor to Sean at MRM Worldwide

“I am happy to highly recommend Sean as the most insightful Social Media Strategist I’ve had the pleasure of working for. He has been an incredible mentor, manager and friend. His strengths lie in his ability to assess the social media landscape with an exacting scalpel. In doing so he doesn’t lose sight of mainstream media and its value, can leverage the hyper-relevance of niche markets to achieve brand success, and doesn’t get lost in the glamor of the “latest and greatest” in order to ensure efficient use of marketing dollars. As a manager, Sean has stood out as one of the greats. He is just as likely to be shedding light on market trends in a C-level discussion, as he is to be leading the rally cry in the trenches with the people that “make it happen” on a production level, as he is to be live blogging or streaming content from a cutting edge social media conference. In short, when Sean speaks, people listen – and most importantly – are inspired. He’s an asset to any brand, strategic team or blossoming start-up.” October 29, 2008

Halley Hopkins
Producer, iNDELIBLE media
reported to Sean at iNDELIBLE Media Corp.

“Sean is probably one of the most professional managers I have had the pleasure of working with. He never fails to get the work pushed through while at the same time understanding the unique qualities of an interactive project. No matter how much pressure was placed squarely on Sean, he would just smile and put his efforts into high gear. He’s the manager you want in the trenches. I cannot recommend someone better than Sean to run and manage your company.” September 29, 2007

Brad Szollose
Executive Vice President/ Co-Founder, K2 Design
managed Sean indirectly at K2 Design

“Sean is, without a doubt, the smartest person I know. Especially when it comes to advertising, social networking and anything having to do with blogging, wikis, syndication and linking, and how the world works. He is extremely hard-working, patient and always offering to help. I have learned more from Sean in the last 7 months than from years of experience in the business. And, he has a great personality. Fun, smart, witty, and personable. In summary … Sean is fantastic!” September 20, 2007

Barb Campbell
Senior Project Manager, MRM Worldwide
reported to Sean at MRM Worldwide