What the hell is wrong with Yahoo? First Flickr and now Digg?

First Yahoo screws with the Flickr ‘old skoolers’ by requiring them to change the login and join Yahoo if they still want to access their accounts (and in the process, asking me to delete one of my accounts instead of giving me the option to merge them) and now this…

See what happens when you rip someone off

Ironically, someone posted what Yahoo did to Digg.com, and then the Digg Army got involved, making the site a pathetic embarrassment.

Not only do they rip off Digg.com, but they actually celebrate it –

That’s changing for Yahoo! — we’ve brewed up a swanky new community-based recipe for collecting feedback that’s making its way across a number of our sites. It started with Yahoo! Autos and has proliferated across 14 other properties.

We call it a Suggestion Board — you can browse suggestions from other site visitors or post your own. Digg-style voting means we can quickly discover what’s most important to users. In addition to reading feedback from other users, you’ll find responses from Yahoo! employees about the issues. Product teams regularly read and take action on your feedback. Though we aren’t always going to immediately act on it, it’s incredibly helpful to us in making the best sites we can… and we’ve even been known to reward great suggestions with some Yahoo! schwag.

Brewed up? Making the best sites you can?


Annoying… Flickr ~ Yahoo dance

got this in the mail today:

Dear Old Skool Account-Holding Flickr Member,

On March 15th we’ll be discontinuing the old email-based
Flickr sign in system. From that point on, everyone will
have to use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr.

Now when I try to combine accounts it is giving me another problems


The definition of Chutzpah

According to Wikipedia Chtuzpah is: ” the quality of audacity, for good or for bad”.

I think it is best described as after murdering your parents, throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you are an orphan.

So Michael Brown, former Arabian Horse organization guy and underachieving ex-FEMA director is starting his own consultancy that specializes in DISASTER PREPAREDNESS.

From CNN:

“If I can help people focus on preparedness, how to be better prepared in their homes and better prepared in their businesses — because that goes straight to the bottom line — then I hope I can help the country in some way,” Brown told the Rocky Mountain News for its Thursday editions.

I wouldn’t want this guy consulting on barbecue preparedness, let alone disaster preparedness.

But there is some good news in this story. No, New Orleans hasn’t been cleaned up and repaired. No the refugees are still living far from home, trying to rebuild their lives. But Michale Brown is doing well:

“I’m doing a lot of good work with some great clients,” Brown said. “My wife, children and my grandchild still love me. My parents are still proud of me.”


“I’m thinking it’s the best way to piss (the French) off,”

I have avoided the bashing of the French and their government, but this is really outstanding:

The seven-times Tour de France winner has also been contemplating a possible come-back at the French Grand Tour 2006 although the Texan retired from the sport just a few weeks ago. “I’m thinking about it,” Armstrong told The American Statesman’s Suzanne Halliburton. “I’m thinking it’s the best way to piss (the French) off,” he added, in response to French newspaper L’Equipe, which reported on August 23 that it had proof that Armstrong used the banned drug EPO in the Tour 1999, the first Tour the American won.

Read the whole article here.

Thanks to FARK for the pointer.

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Outstanding – Dance Dance Immolation


Thanks to Joystiq for finding this one.

To quote the philosopher Butthead “This is the coolest thing I have ever seen”

If you don’t risk your life enough by slipping on dance pads (or by embarrassing everyone you love who’s watching you), then this Dance Dance Revolution hack, called Dance Dance Immolation, might be just the thing for you. What happens in DDI is that you dance like in any iteration of DDR, but when you do poorly, instead of simply losing points or possibly failing a level, you get blasted in the face with flamethrowers while in the protective suit you see here.

Mmmmm… Burning Man

Dog Sh*t Girl

This is just a terrible story of a kid, a dog, the kid’s dog’s dookie, and a guy with a camera and a net connection.

Thanks to Don Park’s Daily Habit (link) for the story.

And if you are wondering, his blog usually deals with technology, Korea, social software etc. Not just, um, you know, this kinda stuff.