Moderator – Nate PAgel – Poddaddies
John Hartman – Feedia
Chris Pirillo – Lockergnome
Colin Brumelle – Mixed content –
devs communities around musicians and artists
Robert Scales – Rain City Studios – Drupal dev shop in Canada – creates communities – config, themeing, and web communities since 04 – askaninja, kidsworld,
Ian Beatty – Project Opus


CB –
what does bldg online communities meas?
couple of rules
transparency is the new black
more you let them see the more you let them see the content
can empathize
build bigger relationships with your fans

NP – look at the rockstars – Ze Frank, RBoom – from the heart

BC – the best way to succeeed is to create compelling content constantly
as a developer rolling out features is an example
getting things out there
in the past people used to say qual not quant
Stalin – quant has a certain quant all its own

when you talk about community – you cant create it – it creates itself
have tools to facilitate
set up UStream
set up chatrooms
launched another chatroom on IRC
95 people in that chat ready to ask questions and interact
acapulco earthquake example
community built the USTream page for pirillo – having fun, interacting
updates on page and chatroom
easy way to switch feeds
starting something and letting community take part is key
not trying to broadcast out to the community – wants to interact with them
doing things live and produced content is far more exciting way than podcasting or videocasting (without a live audience)

really focused on the business side
help orgs figure the space out
immediately the CEO – make me a video and put me on the web
found the frameworks and structures arent quite there
lot of COs out there seeing traction
lot of companies not ready – dont have the framework in place
manage and deal wiht all this content
how to best provide these solutions – from CP to Intel
put it together in packages

NP – who comes to you?
JH – diff sizes
project with Intel
7 episodes in a pilot project
black monday
other clients – attensa, software companies, innovative and viral spaces
large sports franchise
large implmentations – enterprise solutions for hardware – social media and blogging tools

NP – CEO of poddaddies
up there – first cust blipTV
share revs with users
get third of revs
ind video pub and artist
int in content creation and dist stuff and get it out there

NP – QUestion – MySPace and YouTube are options – what else can you do – best ways of dist? getting paid, access to people
CP – twitter great for org flashmobs
build followers
using those tools for best adv – if paying attention – will be living in the now
doing things diff – using it to see trends (RScoble)

CB – staying on top of where everyone is
resisting using twitter – some people
need to let go
listen to community
be part of it
invest in it

every year – new social networking tool
facebook exploding
new trends – question of patience
loving flickr
go above to connect to
use and build on each social networking apps
crosslink on a dozen sites or communities – build googlejuice, ability to be found, pagerank
be patient – utilize, build foundation, use OpenID, go seamless
no standard for passwords

NP –
patient and consistent lets you grow
dont have to be on myspace and youtube exclusively
read EndUserLicense agreements – its a contract
control the rights
know where your stuff is going
applies to you
keep ownership
not a bad idea – post something on youtube and elsewhere
interesting place to test viability
general thoughts of MySPace and YouTube

RS –
lots of platforms
adds timecodes (Viddler)
put tags inline with content
you have options and solutions
you can always go somewhere else with better terms
biggest, but not necessarily best
million small nice communities
going from biggest to best not always the best way to do it
small gatherings and extend from there
whatever you are interested in and passionate about

amazing things going on
nonlinear int experience
commenting video inside of vid
not looking for straight line
ways to interact
things with ABC – a lot of their stuff online
buying ads on terrestrial and online
ads online are more web based, interactive
changing the way we consume media

NP – how about making money?
distribution, sure – but want to be a rockstar?\

JH – finding sponsors
Podtech and Scoble example
unil you have the audience – lot of ad svces workign in conjunction with vid and audio
Ex – podcaster news
5 min
specific futuristic topic
when the ad guys listened to the shows – audience share was small compared to the guys talking about lost
craft and focus of what content is will affect monetization
entertainment, music see better ad revs

RS – thats changed
its a work of love
do it b/c you want to do it in the first place
aska ninja – they busted their behinds getting it out and growing community
in june – new website – added features – added UGS options
ad revenue minimal – hard to sustain hosting and design
patience and plan of action to execute
paying off now – took time and investment of effort to make rev to make it work well to continue
when you enter in that sort of venture – be patient
fans will want to work with you
pay your dues
ask a ninja – good example

NP – John Batelle – Fed Media
doing a lot of things
internet rockstar in 1.5 years possible – not so in music
not a get rich quick scheme – takes time – be consistent, do show
every day = every day or just do fridays

CP – Live has sucked ERice in again

Eric Rice – live youtube
havent see what would happen with passion and pop of youtube and made it live and realtime
all the fun and pain of youtube – make it live
what killed podcasting for ER was doing a live show
be on the move constantly
spirit of podcasting died – seriously affected how we make media
paradigm shift – rss on demand
people did the opposite of our idealism is about (RSS adoption)
exception to internet rockstardom
go to a random mall in america – bring up Robert Scoble – no one knows or care
indicative of the echo chamber
YouTube – owns the content sucks – dont own you – work around it
YT – oppressive terms of service could be a good thing
the personality as the product or the commodity

NP – questions

Question – an overall def of what you consider and internet rockstar to be?
NP – rockstar – successful doing what they are doing in the internet world in general – all about having dist, viewwers, community – doesnt necessarily mean celebrity
SHow on bliptv – good night burbank – no one knows who they are – put it out there, and got what they wanted – about building a community first
internet rockstar successful doing stuff oin the internet

WHats the measure of success?
CP – largely depends
hard to compare with someone else – no direct correlation
level of celeb is never defined the same by individuals
everyone has difff measurement

BC – nature of celeb is changing
long tail flattens hit driven economy
not created by machine, but from the ground up
pay your dues and get noteriety

readers that are listening and communicating, back and forth and excchange = rockstar

maintaining a relationship more important

Internet ROckstar – deplorable – we are talking about community leaders
community – saying – if comm is 5 people and they look to you as a leader – and they yelp a restaurant – you are a community leader

terminology changes – WTF outloud

toolss come in handy b/c you have influence
more cool than saying you are an alpha geek

ben brown – internet rockstar

interesting communities – digg party, viable, make magazine – if they cant translate into real world, then a nebulous thing much like community manager is nebulous

questions in the balcony stage

comparing Ustream to Youtube – whats the core differentiator?

BC – the music world – live is best – engage the response from audience and shapes what you create
no way a live stream wouldnt have more interactiving
and you can edite taped later – live – screw up and move on

working on it – capturing the last 12 hrs they have got
idea of capturing video, sponsor crawl and chat at the same time
done it and putting a finer point on it
wrapping drupal – to put a community on it

soon – battle of others
UStream allows you to embed it on your page
YT has reach and community
using youtube to drive to live stream

money thing – no one talking in depth
put forth an idea – isnt it for the short term simple – whether site of needlepoint or edutainment – about brand integrated entertainment as alt advertiser

integration opps come up and patron subsidizes the work – immediate way to monetize
rev gen to cover expenses and lifestyle – need community and clickthrus – need traffic – that is the labor of love

community on day one – CP did it
CP – would approach sponsor and translate the passion
show the love – create a relationship
passion can makes things happen
if you can find smart partners to complete the other side of the puzzle you will make success
leverage the assets you have
wheres the rest of it – where are you going, showing , does it fit into a master plan – leverage the things you have

get substantial arrangement

a lot on faith – faith in chris, the product – passion

NP – you need to focus on show and community – be consistent first and worry about the money later

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