First post in a WHILE… Need to stretch out, limber up, reintroduce myself to the mental calisthenics of bloggery or else I will injure myself.

So I figured I would ease back into it with some linkblogging, specifically around the things I am paying a lot of attention to, disrupting advertising.

Ad Fraud
Big Publishers’ Fraud Rate is 2.8%, Wider Web’s is 11%, Studies Say

2015 DCN Bot Benchmark Report: What Makes a Publisher Premium

How much of your audience is FAKE? Marketers thought the Web would allow perfectly targeted ads.Hasn’t worked out that way.

How Filtering For IAB Bots is Like Bringing a Butter Knife to a Machine-gun Fight

Ad Blocking
Everything has a price: Publishers weigh options for buying their way out of blocked ads

REFORM ADVERTISING …before it is too late

Ad Age Imagines a World Without Ads — and It’s Not Cheap

Mozilla’s Vision for a Healthy, Sustainable Web

Cost of ad-blocking will only be $1 billion, research firm says

Adblockers: The Only Way Out

The web has become a hall of mirrors, filled only with reflections of our data

The Economist’s Tom Standage on digital strategy and the limits of a model based on advertising

Data Doppelgängers and the Uncanny Valley of Personalization. Why customized ads are so creepy, even when they miss their target

How much are you worth to Facebook? About $48

How adtech, not ad blocking, breaks the social contract

If marketing listened to markets, they’d hear what ad blocking is telling them

A Web Without Ads? No Thanks.

The Adblock War Series

Ad Blocking: The Unnecessary Internet Apocalypse

A Way to Peace in the Adblock War

Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web

Adblocking And The End Of Big Advertising


The Web-Tracking Tipping Point

a16z Podcast: Advertising vs. Micropayments in the Age of Ad Blockers

Goldman Sachs: Online advertising is about to be ‘fundamentally restructured’ by Apple, Google, and Facebook

2 thoughts on “Linkblogging: Ads and Users

  1. mattstorm

    Great stuff! Also welcome back to the blog-o-sphere!

  2. brittblaser

    AR = Asshole Recognition. Eventually, AR will know if something we see triggers an emotional reaction, as when a driver cuts us off. A similar response may happen at the next intersection, where the same driver cuts off a pedestrian. Eventually, we’ll learn that <10% of us are assholes, but they're always assholes.

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