Open Standards how do we evolve – what is a standard – how do we acknowledge super geek – innercore nerds influence early adopters have something to do with the software – build influence RSS day ackn the fact that RSS was open standard that is why we are here so with rss what we do withother things not about big or small – about open and close 80s – apple vs MS – who are you aligned with GYMA (Google, Yahoo, MS, AOL and Fox)

the power is with us

gnomedex is inncore nerds


cant argue against open or closed

what should be sanitized – the line drawn for services that are maintained for their own

where do we share features and call our own

every vendor needs way to differentiate

for the end users – at what point is it appropriate to be standards based, and yet at what point can we be unique to differentiate

getting in and out – portability for my data

FOAF – friend of a friend – file format or data struct

format – sharing standards but then stealing it

calendars – how to get the standards to be simple to integrate – standards comm keep adding features

real value in the data or the services?

ecopsystems and portals/ways to make money – business model for what they want to do

no proprietary file format – using standards – if people care join cal connect .org

attention and monetizing, and management – wittness in 6 months the evolution of the attention standard – makingthings available in attention.xml right?

attention economy – next big thing

for marc all about open standards

canter wants pickets when people close things up

being closed is the opposite of open

social capital person invewsts in friendships are thiers – by myspace not supporting export delet that –

what about publishers?

canter – provide compelling experiences to users

exp around it – digital lifestyle aggg – portal – if 5 pubs send out the same stuff

how do you make the economic case – do something with the open standards?

show how elegantly to move

all about the end user experience

if your clients are in the chess game – see 5, 7, 12, 25 moves ahead

inc leverage game off y and a saying they want to be open, MS swaying, google throuwing shit in the wind

giant dinos – innovative small companies are pushing process forward

open standards the bridges and causeways that interconnect these islands

80s – sw corp would have mult prod, mult features – during the bubble – all told it was ok to go pub with 1 or 2 fetures

hack up a few features – lots of small products, not products, small sets of features – standards to interconnect the pieces off the puzzle – making archipelagos –

room for small guys and we are waiting for the big guys to crush us

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