channel9 wikiw will be the comment/community process

Some in the audience are wondering if MS is trying to set standards and lockin
IETF and other format orgs in this area, why is MS going outside of them?
if we want to discuss these formats why arent they going to the standards groups

A couple of guys in the audience point out the standards groups arent very effective and darwinism (strong code survives) is a better test

RSS is seen as a transport of intelligent content

Others think this is embrace and extend lite – crowd claps…

why its diff than what we have seen before from MS???
(note – the MS guys are giving as good as they get and this really isnt that contentious (in the room).

MS defense –
we are here at gnomedex – looking talking, posting before we ship
extensions / standard – specifications for tags
under CC license (not being evil)

MS has new ideas for RSS and wants to see Devs really push it

Dean – “no one says you have to support the extensions”

2 new elements in this name space – see new specs at, I think Channel9

” A lot of Bits were sacrificed” in this debate

Will there be an updated winmedia player that is rss aware (like iTunes 4.9 coming out tomorrow – Dean is reticent to say yes, b/c that is a diff team)

Crowd – “how is security in place and are we opening new doors for attack (new vectors)?”

MS – couple ways they looked at it – team sat with (SDL – secure development lifecycle)

Big round of applause for the MS guys as they left the stage.

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