Late for the Gilmore Gang because I was hanging out with Asa (from Mozilla Foundation) and Chris Pirillo’s mom and dad.

So I walk in to…

How is attention.xml in the mix?

A tv network becomes an RSS feed
metadata in id3 is limited, media rss a great step – not diff to imlement – we need to have better metadata
DaveWiner is not a fan of mediaRSS

whats happeneing with itunes – they are putting podcasitng on the map

perspective from Doug Kaye its all about levels of influence – there are 400 people at the conference, a lot of conversations at itconversations – the people in the room are the small fraction of the influence sphere of the event. The podcasts from Gnomedex will be heard by 150-200k people – the sphere is larger.

adam curry talking about hitting the 100 million mark in a couple of years.

dave winer – validation doesnt come from 100s of millions – people at both ends dont know the tech exists – we need the universality

bittorent and peer to peer bandwidth sharing is key

bittorrent is huge and the solution – has gained traction, is efficient, is cheap (bandwidth wise) is fast, is not streaming and most importantly is getting stigmatized…
extension allows youto inc bt object within a feed

Curry – need a p2p solution
bandwidth is expensive
grokster case and BT

Dan Gilmore – the more we use bittorrent, the more we legitimize it, the more we promote it the more will use it (its a virtuous cycle).

Steve Gilmore – podcasting is the salvation for bt (so is ourmedia!)

someone brings up fair use and the stigmatization of BT and then…

Dave Winer – not infringing is stronger than fair use, real use, our use will legitimize
“validation is if mom listens to my podcast”

100mil – first time form and content not married – audio not linked to radio or record, video not linked to tv – form-free content (big idea)

Questions of how do we challenge the old bizmodels and how media is created

    Users are consuming on their own terms
    change in ecosystems is the change in the power
    form and function -talking about ‘shows’ – is emphasis on ‘show’ limiting the way the tech is applied

Dave Winer – dont just think of it as a media or content play – what about productivity app – sales organization might produce a memo int he form of a podcast (how do we take the tech and do something not expected)

major companies know about it, lectures in podcast for colleges, shows is ok, its more about distribution

‘shows’ not the only way it should be used

For universities and learning organization, the buzz – this is learning on demand – they get it

revolution in how we look at media – intermingled – not about podcasting – a new sphere of control

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