Example # 2 – photo blogs

took a bunch of pics, added them as enclosures
users says – this is interesting, i want to subscribe

According to MS there are so many other ways of visualizing

screensaver app with downloaded enclosures – title / tag / caption

diff way of viusalizing a photoblog – we are not limited when we tap into the subscribe action

developers can focus on what they are good at, let MS new extensions to RSS do the hard stuff. Its enabling, to MS is freeing ot the dev community.

other examples they could show
rss a photo library, or any list or data set

what is dave doing – lists, structured, outlines, etc.

lists of content – music, video playsits, event calendars, wishlists, new products, to do lists
top 10 lists, rankings, etc.

subscribe to a feed- more and more comes in, sub model doesnt always work for all lists (uses the example of a hierarchy where rankings change)

extensions to rss – id list as a list
set pivot points so you can slice the data
allows whoever is consuming the feed, and their aggregator, to know it is a list and should be diff
describe data in a feed allows who is consuming the feed to do rich things with that feed

RSS feeds from amazons wishlists
2 interesting scenarios
1. a wishlist
every time he changes or adds to the list it knows what to do (how to present or rank it, what categories it fits in, etc.)
when something removed or bought – rss doesnt know, needs to be told
If there is a lot of traffic in a list things are lost
allows publishers to make feeds as a list
adding the tag (new MS extensions) it marks the feed as a list
when an items postion moves, the state reflects what is on the site
rss understands feeds of seqential or time based data but also allows to capture
something mark was alluding to
wishlist – interactive data – add the price, sales rank, comments, RSS makes it possible to intro other metadata (photo, book, DTDs)
how does the client know what it is looking at
simpler than hierarchies

Pivots (display of data)
user should be able to filter based on pivots
website controls the pivots and the data
user can control views – how they see the data

tuned to the data available – no cds, no cd list (no emptys)
simple list extensions avail under CC license – sharealike license (MICROSOFT IS RELEASING SOMETHING UNDER THE CREATIVE COMMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

makes most sense from publishers POV, is flexible and licensing of iP around standards
build up on the standards and share their additoons

MS is encouraging others to build upon it easily (MS is giving something back – to me this is an olive branch, a price of admission, they want to play in the space… and as one presenter said later in the week, we arent ‘Early Adopters’, we are the LUNATIC FRINGE.

The MS guys now put up a video on the screen with ex-special master in the MS antitrust case and Creative Commons leader – Lawrence Lessig. He is psyched that MS is CC’ing something (didnt Gates/Ballmer say that CC was akin to communism????)

Lessig throws in a dig about how happy they are playing video recorded on a MAC and the crowd whoops it up.

code in devs hands PDC 2005 – sept
list extensions avail today (Dave Winer and a few others dont get to comment on this for a little while and start to hit it here and here. Seems like there is a deal brokered here)

summer – longhorn beta 1
content devs can use now AOL AOL AOL

more details at the ie team blog
Someone yells out where can we comment on it – SCOBLE nails it with a “See the WIKI on Channel 9! “(didnt get a chance to hang out with him, DAMN!)

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