Here to meet and listen to us

way to bring whole country in and engage

where we need to go – how do we make tech beneficial

strong on net neutrality

what we are doing is important – selfishly to the political process

changes we are clreating have potential to change democracy

meaningful dialog – potential

belives what we are doing is important

where are we today – where going – how do we manage how we go forward

Wisdom of Crowds – need to read it James Surweicki

red diaper baby – all about pols with balls

Edwards – we (Dems) need to have balls and stand for something

Tom from Pandora – need to have a human voice –

Edwards – conditioned that normal real authentic needs you to shed the conditioning – safe zone – plastic, say the safe things over and over

next pres of the US will most likely to be the cand who doesnt sound like a POL

Shannon – focus on national things

strikes that dems if they want to be successful they gotta focus local

how do you as Pol create vibrant local bases

digital bedouins – how do they get and keep engaged

republicans do a good job with language – Framing – George Lakoff

presidential elections – not driven by language

people who decide election – its all about moderation

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