Guitarist and vocalist for THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES

Now doing PR for non-profits (Pyramid communications)
With Guitar – Playing some velvet underground (started with Kum-Bay-Ya)

Junkies skulking in the shadows – like web2.0 business – lots of money but no clear way to do it

quiick sketch

explain business model in clear manner

draw a contrast from business to music business

manager – 20-25%

business manager – 20%
lawyer 5%

publicist – 4k per month

marketing – 4k/mo

touring – easiet to control revenue

revenues, corporate gigs

your recordings

publishing income (writing the songs)mechanical royalties, folio publishing

performance income

merchandise – anything not music – large part of profit off of merch

integrating advertisers into site (not just cpm) – dogster and
Dave – iTunes is hugely successful for them

notin the music business anymore – music is a piece of it

what will bridge the gap

hands on with marekting and promotion

how can we help music people get it – whats the end game?

Shannon – music is microcommunity world

small passionate communites that are not geo but cenereed on passion

podcast hotel

Corey from IODA – big deal for mech publishing

dist to ituenss napster rhapsody

buy links with music file on the blog post – IODA pushes it through promonet

eventful – pushing fans and artists together

digital music distro – live performance and events

increase upside for artists

nobody wants to put their balls into one vice

apple vert integrated – transititonal step

music – online – is at 1/2 % of potential

music – is it a democratized industry

Warner Bros guy – relationship with artists can be closer

net – better platform for fanaticism

great session

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