Project Goals –

Annhiliate Bill Gates and feast on the bloody remains of his shattered empire

Liberate the world from the encumbering bondage of proprietary software

make it simple

talk to the masses

didnt want to take the linux route

take it to the audience to the most people possible

competitioin – pushes them

IE – 95% of the world

how do they motivate their core group of users

actual motivation – the whole idea of a prod for mom – didnt resonate with the geekiest early adopters

some network effects taking place

work the dev comunity

didnt think that was enough

hoped by the timeVista came out they thought that was their window

decided it wasnt enough to rely on the nat network effects

motivate early adopters – going outside of their safety zone

final problem – culture – ff born in open source

open source (some) ridicule the reg users

newbies lampooned

dont spread thru trad marketing butthru WOM and grassroots

original brand of mozills – very soviet

needed to reach a much wider audience

find a way to bring more people into the fold

spread ff – their attempt to achieve open source marketing

turns out that cyclical motivation – people could contribute and felt like they were part of the project – a stake, something to be proud of

NYT ad campaign

how do you motivate early adopters

creat strat to spread the product

cross section of companies

q – how did the extensions come about?

br – how do you motivate the devs? – extensions were a great way to get them engaged

let the geeks and devs build their own browser

niall – how many people use these extensionhow has the community reacted to the moz corporation?

br – used to be non-profit – because of various deals with search companies, ff is now generating revenue – found had to change legal structure – cant be making dip – guided and owned by nonprofit entity

the economics of developing for open source

BR – metamarketing – message for the earlies – the excited

sat in on conversations to see what they were sayig about

excited about open standards

exc about ‘not-microsoft

chris messina – ff was built in opposition to something else

open source in general doesnt do a good job innovating

needs open source to diversify

insular community tries to get people not like them to diversify

why should i bother with ff anymore? how do we get it beyond that 10%

chris messina – founder of spread ff, designer of the NY Times ad

BR – for the last 4 yrs MS hasnt been around – won the browser war and stopped developing

how can you trust a co that will dump you

who do you want to trust to bring you to the future of the web?

firefox flicks


dave feels the ad was in poor taste

whats ff’s vision of the future? doesnt want to see FF dominate because they will do the same thing to us

users dont want to see ff get bloated

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Last Modified: March 18, 2007

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