Bloggers love to bitch about things

complaints about the current world of social software, media – how do we make it more useful and understandable

shannon – too much social software – designed inclusively

value is diminishing

why you use these services vs how or what it does

make them less complicated and not in data islands

Eric Rice – we do not look outside – talk about users and not people

middle america need to plug up and stop talking in jargon

jz – working on something for yahoo finannce – brought in focus groups

mous trackin eyes – couldnt get there – dont know what normal people do

web2.0 conf – brought i panel of teams

maybe we need more people like that here

other kinds of user interfaces – perhaps the best interface is tbd things

ambient and voice interfaces

Ali Alplay – people in the room thinking about three dimensions –

1. geo – what we are building is meant to change the world – all of the world

thinking global

2. time – lot of visionaries in the room – talking to those who already have in their mind – in your mind it is histoy – fuel emmission car is dead but solar powered plane isnt here yet

3. Scale –

peoplehave been good at proclaiming things are dead without telling us what will replace it

Mr Pirillo – goes on long enough to check email – spends a couple of hours a day

Niall – prob with social media – as we index more and more – what info am i putting online that can be used against me

Kaliya – need things in the digital world that protect us in the real world

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Last Modified: March 18, 2007

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