How to be a Creative Leader

the programmer dungeon – does it work – do we have stories

– devs need to control their environment

– werner – keeps team small

teams should not be larger than you can feed with 2 pizzas

cannot have group meeting without regulating it

Jim Roberts – when they whine they have lost interest – no whining but swearing is ok

Whole New Mind by Dan Pink – MFA is new MBA

Richar Florida flight of the creative class – immigration and lasck of divversity means crewativity is going elsewhere

HBS – sparking creativity at ferrari

Werner got ink in fortune the other day – optimum team size is 4.6 (uses the Beatles as the best example)

Fred Brooks – myth Man Month – ther is no silver bullet – techniques and tools – came down to fund. conc. – highly prod creative teams – hire good people and passionately involved with what they are doin

otherwise – tech. for the wrong team to get them to do the right thing

paul grahm – hackers and painters

the deadline – a novel about project management

werner – all about enablign creativity and expect the random to happen

will pay you back 100 x

get out of the way and let them be successful

Todd from Pandora –

give them dates

give them direction

givve them ideas

continue to tell them how valuable they are

Joel Spolsky – the developer abstraction layer

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Last Modified: March 18, 2007

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