Rich Internet APps means less core – more things happening on the edge
changing the nature of the requests on the data center
no moores law for power and heat
processing power for electiricty
what does a data center look like?
who worries
coghead, quickbase – no datacenter
someone at the other end (EC2, S3) – depends on who you ask and who the dev is

hardware costs dominate
driving down people costs fast with autoadmin
bad – 40% costs admin
good – 3%

hardware matters – multiplies badly
some properties – 50%
dynamic resource allocation – super important

non-vm world – blast images
dynamic resources super important

resource equalization
10 or 12 instances

discs some with 500-750 gig capacity
100 IOps per sec
large # of apps – IO bound

see some apps are bounded on one or the other – balance workloads

networking bandwidth – egress and ingress
big gains ot be had

savings in admin costs
new app model in svcs world
100% automation
old – alert and investgate
new – restart reboot
really cheap model for admin
only works with 100% redundant state
oh so cheap to admin

more small slices
stop buying big systems
consoldiating workloads
very small inexpensive systems
power scales linear, or cubically with freq

end of the gold plated machine room
20% of cost is redundant power
investing b/c they couldnt afford to ever go ddown

stuff to hear about –
concept of data center and what you think of with infrastructure
seen as what the servers are
why am i deplying great code
infra a lot more
size of data center, container, hardware – a lot more than the servers themselves – the app deliver subsystem
app delivery infra

between servers and router lots of boxes with diff resp. – securing, faster, right place,
first mile
network itself –

between servers and what you get to the network is something
lot of things happeneing there
app devs – keep in mind what is happening

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Last Modified: April 16, 2007

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