• @Pistachio — the penguins are mean… watch out for the ruler #
  • thankyou @ericlitman, er, uh, I mean HANNIBAL! #
  • @adamcohen – happy to help… dont forget to bring up Fudgie the Fail Whale #
  • @adamcohen – show them how @zappos, @comcastcares, @pandora_radio and @JetBlue are using twitter, following conversations, joining them #
  • @Micah – only on one foot… keeps ’em guessing #
  • @debs – change the frame… stop calling us consumers, more context less “whiter, brighter, cleaner, lighter, faster, etc.” #
  • @ccarfi – he swings from strings thanks to some little birds high on goofballs and steroids #
  • @JimPeake – hookey? you need to brand that dude – its “ACTIVE RECOVERY” #
  • (set to the music of the spiderman cartoon) “FAIL WHALE, FAIL WHALE, Does whatever a FAIL WHALE does” #
  • Wes quoting a friend – ““Information becomes knowledge once it’s used.” #
  • @halley_hopkins – missin ya lady! #
  • big difference between doing somethng and doing it because you are good at it #

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