• @howlett vendors do that because they are afraid of you and your ilk (bloggers, critical thinkers, influencers, those who are not sheep) 🙂 #
  • @chrisbrogan: someone else doing the slide deck? super-common… “I dont know powerpoint/i am not a designer” usually given as reason = lame #
  • @Jott – <Billy Idol>MORE MORE MORE</Billy Idol> #
  • @WBUR – what are you guys using for CMS? #
  • @technosailor – social graph – a term only an engineer could love #
  • @jerrymichalski – have seen @pandora_labs and @jetblue do it, and there is a comcast guy somewhere around here doin CS #
  • @philcrissman – I always thought the F in FTW did mean F*** #
  • @ccarfi – good to hear – didnt want to bother you w/ call if there was a prob – figured asynchronous (twitter) would be better 🙂 #
  • @ccarfi – you guys ok? #

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