• @meattle, @rafer, @sawickipedia – congrats on the new office 🙂 #
  • my video planning document – when where and why, how next, what is for editorial, next up – define the player, ID the Meta, find the who(s) #
  • @natala – gonna be 95 degrees here tomorrow… Seattle, here I come 🙂 #
  • @micah – great post on growing pains (and nice stats too) #
  • Thieves stealing grease from restaurants because for biofuel… its a Simpsons Episode come to life… someone call Groundskeeper Willie #
  • @salimismail – you gotta fuel for it 🙂 when are you getting to Boston next? #
  • Dow taking a big dump today… #
  • hopin my midwest peeps are OK with these storms #
  • finding a new doctor in boston… not as much fun as you would think #
  • spent the morning at DMV… good times man, good times #
  • @chrisbrogan – you look at a SugarCRM hosted solution? #

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