So my good friend Halley and I were chatting the other day about work and video and she asked if I had seen Bill Cammack in a new vid for IndyMogul… I said NO (most of the time I see Bill’s work on his own videos, be he is a good friend to a LOT of videobloggers so I wasn’t surprised). He is a special guest star in this episode and plays the “Millipede” (as opposed to SLJ’s Octopus) in their takeoff of what the SPIRIT does on his day off.

Play it below or click through here:

How did they get the tie red while most of the rest was in Black and White? (see the comments, there will be a special, “the making of The Spirit’s Day Off!).

You can check out Bill’s own blog and videos here, and his twitterfeed here.

One thought on “The SPIRIT’s Day Off – with @BillCammack!

  1. Bill Cammack

    Hey Sean. Thanks for the reblog! 😀

    The Indy Mogul guys, esp. Justin Johnson, Erik Beck & J-Rad are REALLY talented at what they each do, not to mention cool and fun guys to hang out with.

    These guys are DOers, not TALKers. They’re not reporting about what people are doing in filmmaking, they’re MAKING films, good ones, and showing up-and-coming filmmakers how to do special effects on a low budget.

    I also did an episode for them about Final Cut Pro editing. I expected the “The Spirit” episode to be good from the script, but I was really amazed at how entertained I was by the final product. I’m looking forward to their “How We Did It” episode myself, but I may do a how-to-bluescreen episode while we’re waiting. 🙂

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