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The SPIRIT’s Day Off – with @BillCammack!

So my good friend Halley and I were chatting the other day about work and video and she asked if I had seen Bill Cammack in a new vid for IndyMogul… I said NO (most of the time I see Bill’s work on his own videos, be he is a good friend to a LOT of videobloggers so I wasn’t surprised). He is a special guest star in this episode and plays the “Millipede” (as opposed to SLJ’s Octopus) in their takeoff of what the SPIRIT does on his day off.

Play it below or click through here:

How did they get the tie red while most of the rest was in Black and White? (see the comments, there will be a special, “the making of The Spirit’s Day Off!).

You can check out Bill’s own blog and videos here, and his twitterfeed here.

Friends: CoBrandit

So when I worked for, I got the chance to work with a video company called CoBrandit on a series of videos that were different than what we had done before.

As a company, CorePerformance has an amazing amount of intellectual property in the health and fitness space (as part of Athletes’ Performance, the CP gets to leverage the knowledge and day-to-day experience of working with elite athletes in almost every sport). Like most great companies, the real secret of the operation was the amazing team behind the company.

One of our goals for the video program was to inform and educate our users by sharing the stories from the amazing people inside the company. CoBrandit worked with us to capture, edit and produce these stories in a way that was accessible and (in the future) share-able and give us some learnings on producing short form videos in an always-on environment (amazing people are insanely busy and we can rarely get them all in one place – so we need to go to them to shoot these stories).

Here is an example of their work:

Owen and Jesse (the founders of CoBrandit) are an amazing team to work with. They have a deep understanding of the social side of video, can shoot and edit, have a great reel, and THEY KNOW HOW TO LIGHT (which is a big deal). They also do a lot of work with linking and syndication of content and helping companies get their video in front of users.

I am a big fan of these guys and will work with them again.

To check out more CorePerformance videos (specific movement videos AND more educational pieces), go to and check out the Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, Recovery sections.