For the last couple of days, friends and I have been having running conversations about Social Networks, invites, randoms, personal/digital space with a dash of personal branding thrown in for flavor.

Great post from Chris Brogan regarding how we behave (and misbehave) in the multiple social networks we live in. Is it a free-for-all game of who has the most adds like on My Space? Is it fair to troll through your friends facebook lists to see who you haven’t added to yours? Just how creepy is it to have someone you dont know ask for a link on LinkedIn or Facebook, or does Scoble have it right when he adds everyone to his Pownce list?

Is separating your personal life in one network (like facebook), your professional life in another (LinkedIn) and your ambient intimacy efforts in a third (Pownce, Twitter) really effective, really efficient, or are you just spreading out your personal data into too many places and spaces?

This post should be in the same folder with Cory Doctorow’s How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community.

Part of becoming a neighbor is getting to know the folks in your community, treading lightly as you learned about your new neighbors, what they are into, what social mores are in place, whats accepted, tolerated and taboo. With the proliferation of social networks, we are jumping into the deep end of more than one pool, in real time and asynchronously, and there is no primer, rulebook or digital scout manual to help us figure it out.

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