There is too much fun stuff happening on the west coast these days…

SocialNetworkDevCamp will focus on API and Widget development from Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Linked In and others. The camp will also start the process of identifying open APIs and data structures which would facilitate the creation of open standards for social networking.

Marc Canter has sent an open letter to the Ning team (who just got a HUGE investment) that includes this tasty bit:

But one thing we know for sure – users want to control their own data. And they want to move freely between systems. So here’s what I’d like to propose Ning support. Help us create a data structure and support the OpenID2 Attribute Exchange to facilitate the movement (in both directions) of entire social neworks.

Marc’s open letter should be required reading for those who want to work on social networks (roll your own or customize a service), work with social networks (for your clients or creating your own apps, widgets and webservices) or even play in the space.

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