Check out the New York Magazine article here.

This article is to ad people what red meat is to Atkins people. Love, war, primma donnas and wonks, tears, high 5’s, all the creatives resignations in the same envelope. Where is Kenneth Branagh when you need a Shakespere-set-in-modern-day movie.

Holy crap. Roberts doesn’t come out of this article looking like a saint – he looks like a jerk. I loved Lovemarks, so afaik, this is a bit of a hatchet job.

The boss always will piss people off (its good at the top).
If you dont have P&L you are a Pee-On (thanks Ken Gray).
There is no contact sport (even Rugby Mr. Roberts) that compares to agency politics.

Quote of the week:

I’ve been ‘in like’ with Tod from when I first met him. I’m still in like with him. But I need to love somebody, and we need to win more awards. We need to go in a different direction. It’s a new bus; either you’re on the bus or you’re off the bus. These are my new rock stars.
-Kevin Roberts

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