Seth is preaching the gospel.

Why do we settle. Why do we go 90% and then stop because we figure “the client will love it” or “the client wont appreciate more than that” or “we can move on to other stuff – this will get the job done”.

Jeff Einstein talks about how “time is out only real inventory”. But we use time as an excuse. We needed more time, we had other things to do, we ddnt have enough time, etc.

Good enough. Close enough. Why bother.

I am probably the most guilty of this in the world. Expedience, pragmatism. Sure we are doing kick ass work – but are we really going all the way? Are we limiting ourselves? I used to joke about how my teams can work miracles, given enough time.

Andy Law, in his book Creative Company, wrote about how Jay Chiat used to say “Good Enough Is Not Enough”.

Then why do we settle? Why do we follow the “conventional wisdom”?

Theres a reason why Seth was voted the top marketing blog of 2005 by Marketing Sherpa.

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