Adam Curry takes the stage.

Interestingly enough, Adam realized the other day it was his 199th Daily Source Code (his podcast).

Adam has decided to do the 200th DSC with the crowd, at GNOMEDEX… LIVE!

AC is the closing keynoter of gnomdex. This guy can really demo, tons of stage presence.

Adam shares with the crowd the reason why DSC is 40 min long – back in the day Adam would create podcasts and ask Dave Winer what he thought of this part or that part. Dave would have missed it and Adam couldnt figure out why. Turns out, Dave would play Adam’s podcast on his walk (which was only 40 minutes). Everything after the first 40 minutes would be missed.

In the tradition of Dave Winer’s Unconference vibe, (term coined from bloggeron) which starts the conference off with a song we all sing together… Adam has decided to present a mashup at the end of the conference:
Sgt Peppers Paradise – jimmy james (Sgt Peppers with Paradise City)

(this is hysterical – people dancing and doing the wave in the back)

JD Lascia just hatted Scoble with a Firefox hat on the red couch

1969 some of the brightest and creative musicians got together for woodstock
gnomdex is a lot like woodstock
100s of the most talented creative minds with new instruments and the world is moving with us
1000s of blogposts from technorati, flikr with millions of photos
WE ARE THE MEDIA – it is astounding

What message should we be sending from Gnomedex?
We need to take back the media in our hearts, not just our hands
Internet is powerful marketing and communication tool/platform
we need to admit it and embrace it

A lot like Free Love – we need to be continuouly enabling that
bringin in our audience, making them a part of it
people catching on to it
early adopters? -> we are the lunatic fringe
MS we need fuel, Apple we need fuel, audible we need fuel
we are telling you what we want
how are we gonna get this done?

Yesterday on Ginlmore gang – 2000 meeting w/ DW and it spurred dave to do enclosures
reeses peanut butter cups analogy (2 great tastes that go great together)
results in huge media files, posting talking
peanut butter and choc got old and nothing happened

Thnk of the movie BIG with Tom Hanks
Dave Winer is a Developer and Adam was a user. Like BIG – magic happened when they swtiched places – Adam became the DEV and Dave became the USER
how did that happen?

Adam Curry was recieveing new content from Dave
showing up automatically
when Dave Winer became frustrated with radio and trad media he wanted to make it himself
Steve Gillmore inspired him

result – programs or shows or audioblogs that come down to dave recording with
microphones falling, breaking, totally amateur, totally loving it.

Adam had his own frustrations
2nd bloggercon – Adam asked devs ‘how do i move files automagically from the feed to the device” – the same way Dave Winer was asking radio guys how do i record, get a better sound, techniques, gear etc.

seems like we should be able to create something that ids an enclosure and puts it on the ipod
AC built the piece that made life easier for him – The BIG moment and another example of users and devs partying together

thats what helped Podcasting take off

swapped roles = different dimension

experiences quickly and efficiently now

(huge laugh, round of applause from the crowd)

writing for machines is an artform like writing for humans
(more applause)

Adam hopes there are devs who learned a lot about users
the problem is, easy shit gets done last
Users and Devs work for big companies too – they are just people

Podcasting support is being built into itunes (HUGE)

We as a community, the lunatic fringe, need a better ‘signal to noise ratio’ in the conversations

we need to promote the power of subscription, extend the reach of subscriptions, make more things subscribable

Subscriptions are the dream of the Main Stream Media – thats why they want media by appointment (3pm timeslots, hey join us tomorrow,/cheesey radio DJ voice>)

Curry’s challenge to the lunatic fringe:
1. fix some things now – get one click subscription working now (Hear Hear)
2. Aggregators said ealier “we are switzerland” – Adam jokes that Switzerland is a neutral and expensive place to live – Aggregators hold the key to this stuff
3. Users want to watch and read and write and create audio and video
4. Metadata – there is good work going on, MS lists, Apple namespace, Media RSS from Yahoo!
5. attention.xml – we need to get on it – critical we get it going (big tip of the hat to Steve Gilmore)
6. Bandwidth is still an issue – time to make a corner turn on p2p – for podcasting and others – fully intend to implement and support bittorrent, use the distributed swarm to move files, create a real efficiency in downloads

Adam looks forward to working with aggregator developes and making it work, and making cool stuff happen. Huge potential with the group we have seen and met here at Gnomedex.

Amazing changes will happen in the next 6 months
music industry is part of the media we will take back quickly
tools for pros are the same as the amateurs: Pro Tools, Audtion, Garage Band

Its all about how talented we are – same quality tools that Mick Jagger is using (Garage Band) -same push into the world

sales mechanisms are getting into place – cdbaby – itunes with podsafe tracks

what are we missing? look at the music indust we have today – awesome power of dist thru radio

when is the last time you heard a DJ say I love this band! – you dont hear that any more

amazing thing happend last year – stumbled across music from band in NY – Lascivious Biddies. Adam liked it, sent an email, asked to play their songs on a podcast – they approved – after it played, email from Leanne Westover – they sold 200 cds in one day as a result of the podcast – the economics are there – 90% profit into the pocket of the band –

Now the biddies are 5-600 room sellouts

podcasters are listenting to each other

playing a track with emails from all over the worls – rob koslow – as a result of sharing his music – booked in 1k seat room gigs, doing movie scores, passing the info, what it is putting them in touch wiht the creators of the music

Adam is playing Rob Koslow music now

A guy with a keyboard – playing with the tools he has – sharing and generating rev and attention go out in the world and continue with his art.

message to the world – we are talking back our media – to the hearts and minds of the people.

Adam thanks the people who made the Gnomedex conference possible. Thank all the devs for what they are doing, David Winer – rss, podcasting, opml, respect and love

RScoble – running MS (huge laughs)
Chris and Ponzi (huge applause)

DSC ends…

Rousing cheers, Standing ovation for Chris and Ponzi

Gnomdex is over

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