Just caught a presentation from Doug Kaye (IT Conversations, Conversations Network) at Podcast Hotel about a new program he has announced called PodCorps.org. They are looking to create a community of stringers to capture, organize and share video and audio conversations (town hall meetings, club meetings, small conferences, speeches, interviews, etc.).

They are working with:
http://eventful.com for an events database and give event organizers the option to request stringers to attend and record the event, OurMedia will handle the organization and serving of the content
Internet Archive will handle the hosting

The idea is that stringers sign up for the program and list their location and what they do (audio, video). Event organizers tag their events. PodCorps acts as a dating service putting the two together.

They want to grow their stringer base first. They want to have the network in place before they can start setting up events with people. Chicken and Egg – they need stringers to attract events, and events to attract stringers.

here is the url:

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