How to look into the future
how to look for certain indicators to help you determine path

interesting – tech based medium right now
alot of us have tech angle – not just the content
from tech standpoint we can progress and see whats coming

Broad ideas, and specific ideas

get some nuggets out of this

related to space and time – his philosophy

Intro of rocketboom

“WHat happens when you can dist video to anyone?”

dist –
on website, off website

Proximity – all about being near or far
before tech it was all about dist of moving (info, you) from one point or another
would take long time for info to move (physicall)
then we write – books, info
democratization of media beginning with guttenburg press
telescope – imp point – once you can bring things close, ideas change
exchange of info is important
gives us a major advantage
growth of electricity – tesla
getting info out thru tv, radio
revolution in terms of getting info faster
source of content and entertaining, useful

Now – Digital

incredible and daunting to get info so quickly
Media – big 4 (big 3 + PBS)
had control over all of the messages

as a kid could make his own videos, but couldnt really distribute it

cable – boom in offering of content and information
still trad media – just keeps growing with the brands and media

now we can compete
web2.0 in Asia – a lot going there – so much out there it is taken for granted

where are we now?
read-write web
used to be a static web page
company info old days – static, never changing
blogging – imp to be dynamic info

moving away from pageviews – AJAX, engagement, lack of refresh

Media Democracy
old days – needed someone to pull you up to make it to the summit (get broadcasted) (see photo)

now – your moms blog

popularity – how much content
a lot of content not popular, going on and on
one show the most popular show based on numbers (zero sum)
only few #1s

used to be – your mom had compelling content, wanted it on tv, up the ladder
now sys allows your mom to get up there without the big media cos
something there that all agree is the most popular at that moment

big popularity is false pop – based on decisions of initial filtering of small group vs what is actually popular

all kinds of controls and things to make it unpure

top-down hierarchy – old school
now – dist community – in place now – connections between each other allow for content to rise up

technorati graph based on most popular conversations
wouldnt have happened without our dist network
wouldnt have gotten the reach on their own

long ways to go in terms of the growth
pie chart – red – how many posting on blogs
bloggers outspoken, have a lot of time in the centers of conversations

Illiad example of extracting information

live video
info spreads much quicker

overview of diff industry specific activities in podcasting right now and perspective
Burgeoning networks
yatta at rocketboom quotes – apr 2 2007
not the kind of networking and sharing of data – the networks we have now have not been operating on that model and we may have a prob
business model is a problem
point of business is to maximize money
record labels example – commercial maximixing, not the art
huge bands that make the labels lots of money
big band carry weight

(streaming the feed now)

decisions imp for progressing get stuck
most of the businesses of networks have venture capital plan
get investment, get roadmap, maximize cash for sale
if we dont have an exit strategy, – networks seem to be out to max the amount of cash they can earn
a lot of experimentation
concerning to him b/c the artists on the networks for the most part are disenchanted
hearing the same stereotypical sentiment he is hearing from bands

need more innovation so that these co’s dont get stuck in the same bad model

Advertising – by 2011 – should drastically increase ad spend on podcasting
no one has come up with good proposal for podcasters to make more money beyond advertising
chance to make the most with ads
most $$$ per individiual viewer
future – looking into seeing what the big entities are leveraging (google, DC, yahoo)
thru youtube and google, use the systems in place to do rev shares
trad media still looking at licensing deals
leave it up to the licensing people

where is this going – cant help but bring up Dave WIner –
foresight into the ad industry
feels he has too much of an extremist view on where it will go
AB – agrees wiht the sentiment – advertising is less and less effective – hard to fool people if you dont have the better product
can rise naturally without lobbying, other forces that bring it up

ANTI ADVERTISING – leveraging the audience you have to get feedback on the prod and svcs to get better and grow
feels good in terms of society and being bombarded with advertising

Chevy Tahoe example

Citizen tube
John Edwards

2x as many people getting their info this way
2x the amount of participation
what won the election last time was the TV commercial

this time – how much of a diff will it make
people who are flex, could be swayed – not the increase and coming on line will not be as great as hoped
coming to terms with idea – 2 yrs from now, how much things can progress

thinks TV will win next election

International influence
can vote and influence
now you have the intl world ready to participate

if the intl people cant participate – problematic

CES and tech industry
roadmap for the next year
all heard the apple tv coming, iphone coming, wimax and fiber

Podcaster standpoint – appletv expands distro
go HD
taking action based on future tech – and leveraging it
as soon as it rolls out – podcasters talking about 3G files and what it takes

predicting and getting out there

Verizon FIOS – in cities and state
increase in bandwidth – lots of change – in consumption, participation

enough people had broadband to be able to get at audio and video content

know the inc in WIMAX will expedite bringing people on in other countries
increase audiences

WHere is video going ?

video tracking – going to be huge
where you take a look at the pict and ID where people would look
distinguish between colors and stuff
interpreting whats in the video
search and do things physically
outputs determined by what we see and do

speech to text (podzinger)
scan the video for the audio – convert to speech and text
70-80% success rate

growing fast
Paul Verillia – philosopher

how it works together

end of time now
end of time it takes to get info to you
barriers falling, gaps shrinking
not even a concern – happening so fast
there is no time between us
finding the time is the key

if you are fighting a war – the side wiht the info first has the advantage
upper hand
stocks the same thing
creates power of influence

fractals from chaos math

fern photo
keep zooming in – has same structure and patterns
people in terms of time conversation – get the most abstract

how these philosophies fit together

chaos theory – as you zoom in and find inf0 – its like it is already there
just you accessing it – already there
what we see is diff than what we see – not the actual – still there, not there to us
if already there – moving thru it – always used in back of head to give the confidence that looking into the future is an adequate way to do it

understanding all this stuff – just do it and participate

ends on more abstract note

moment of democratization of media – sys in place, participate in it – und where it is going and where it is going in a way that makes you happy but worthwhile

you need to go out and participate

DotSUb – translation and internationalization of content
people translate it
upload the video
like youtube – and embed the videos

distro on apple tv
access to that

coming to these events you end up plugging yourself in
hey – we want rb here or there

most colleagues – go out and call themselves
bloggers have the megaphones

basically plug in the authorities – and the conversation makers
get resources that way

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