giving a apresent to a TV Lunatic

put together a linux mythtv box

apache and dyn dns to serve thru living room

transcode shows to vide ipod format

watch what she wants and sched at home

output from ipod to tv

hardware – spare
case supply dvd rom ram 100gb hd
100 gb = 30 hrs

happauge pvr 350
vid in and out
mpeg 2 encode and decode

enconding on the card imp

comes with remote and ir receiver

r5 a16 – using myth tv .18

2 install of lurc

building your own pvr

what was ging on – start with the right motherboard
uses alot of direct memory access
use nvidia or intel chipset

no vid out to tv – required kernel recompile
worth starting from knoppmyth – works out of the box

be prepared for recompile

ivtv is the driver for the happauge pvr 350
can only drives tv in frame buffer mode – can bring it down

can destroy tv if you drive it incorrectly

drive tv like a computer – the refresh rate will be wrong

before driving tv – change/mod xconfig make sure refersh rates are supported by tv

support out there – onthe geeky side

can record – playback, save

direct tv or dish – connect directly to cable box

one for myth and one for cable

led xmit – inst for installign second lirc

not the fault of lirc – wouldnt transmit the number 8

mythtv doesnt handle time offset from greenwich

batrecorder – uses dynamic dns
on a private network – iplease – changes periodically

names of shows have colons or protected char the screen will bork – will remove from filenames

line 115

itunes update – takes the video files transcodes to xml and has a feed generator so it gens feed for all files in dir and creates feed for that title

instructions – all depend on specific setup

does not generalize
diff encoder decoder – own special bugs

encoder decoder –

audio setup – not configged properly in knoppmyth

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