Got here late, forgot the camera, couldnt get the f*ckin wifi to work…

liveblogging begins now

discussing social networks… asymmetry

degrees of separation

behavior –

prominence – ways to get around the system –

trusted networks, describe trust

how a network would work – or a tech pluggeed

2 things s- page rank is an example of managing attention

not just bout how much attention – people we interact with and others you would trust more and care about

no place in clickstream to capture all of the data that says you want that

owning the information

inames and sxip

how do we work together – social networks meets community

lady who coreographed RENT doing new project – using traditional matters of comm – working with artists – no visual elements – not intuitive

how do we create tools to survive

trust and collaboration

inside outside problem – kinds of social interaction

hw to designate sharing private stuff and an additional layer

layer in conjunction with other stuff

analyzing content to determine pos or neg relationship

ratio of views to digs is imp

views are self correcting – digg – following external links – on vinio you are viewing it – digg applied to social network of vinio –

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