Thanks to PVRblog (which is a killer resource for that space) for a pointer to Systm’s how-to on MythTV – an open source TiVo
Build a Myth box video from Systm | PVRblog

Systm is a production from two TechTV Screensavers alumni, Kevin and Dan who are doing more in-depth segments on technology. The first two posts of their vlog (video blog) can be found at the link above.

This is a great example of niche-casting.

    They are writing their own content (very specific target audience)
    They are shooting it themselves (with pro quality sound and video)
    They are editing it themselves (with some nice motion graphics)
    They are distributing it via bittorrent! (saving on bandwidth, distributing the weight)

Kevin also does a group podcast with Leo Laporte, Patrick and a few other members of the Screensavers alumni club at this week in tech.

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