Einstein’s Corner is the blog of New Media pro, conference speaker and writer Jeff Einstein.

Einstein’s Corner explores the spiritual, emotional, physical, and social effects of our obsessions with and addictions to technology and media on the quality of our lives and work in the Great Age of Addiction.

Some of the dotcom refugees in the NYC scene may remeber Jeff from the NY Times Magazine cover story about the unemployed new media types. Jeff has been writing a lot in the last year about media addiction, both on his blog and at mediapost.com. It dovetails with some of the recent discussions in the blogosphere about attention (thanks Steve Gillmore and Scoble) and the discussions Ace and I have had about information overload (unsubscribing from blogs, who you read, how much you read).

Are we addicted to the media? I might be. I follow over 100 blogs per day. 4 or 5 magazines a week. 3-4 books a week. I watch pretty much just the news, or a few select shows (Lost, the Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, House). I am definitely addicted to consuming media. I dont like quiet time, unless I need to think about something.

In the interest of full disclosure, Jeff was partners with J. Sandom (my old boss at OgilvyInteractive) in the first interactive agency Einstein and Sandom. He most recently worked at Rapp Digital with Jamie Corl (one of my favorite people in the world, and a kick-ass producer).

Einstein’s corner
is definitely worth a look.

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