We are the first audience to see longhorn IE7.

In the browser window (in the chrome), when the browser finds an RSS feed it will identify the feed in the browser window. This gives preview of the feed.

Sitting in front of 2 Firefox guys – the commentary is hysterical (and will not be repeated)

some sites have a lot of content, and you can still add the page to favs, or add the rss feed to your opml list. Thru the browser you can can browse and subscribe to a feed.

Search is also enabled in the rss implementation (what the PubSub guy calls ‘prospective search’). You can, with IE7, subscribe to results of search in MSN search – lets say ‘gnomedex’ and have it updated every time there is new news about gnomedex thru the MSN search (not earth shattering… but still cool)

MS wants to make RSS a part of the users everyday activity

platform independent? – amar subscribes to the sites, not ie subscribes to site. (note – but is it portable?)

common feed list (not sure if this is OPML or not)- any app with browser, agg, can have access to the subscriptions, all exposed to Windows APIs -> this is the killer ALL EXPOSED TO WINDOWS APIS

Synchronization is built in.

RSS bandit – agg writtent by Dare Abesanjo (another cool person to meet!)
synchronize the rss bandit feedlist with the system feedlist

common feed list, and the disc of sites

all apps (ALL MS APPS) participate in the common feedlist

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