The following is my recording of theKeySTONE presentation at this years Gnomedex. I am not a typist so these can never be construed as quotes.

Dean Hachamovitch and Amar Gandhi from the Microsoft IE7 team are giving the second keynote/presenation. We are still off wifi. Dean’s profile from the website:

Dean Hachamovitch – Who turned Clippy off in Office? The same guy who helped invent autocorrect and red squiggles (among other things) while spearheading Office user interface development in the 1990s, and then re-invigorated Microsoft’s online casual games business during the dot-com meltdown. In a nut-shell, he’s Chris Pirillo’s kind of geek. He’s now the General Manager of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team and driving Internet scenarios for Longhorn. Dean will talk about:

* How the future of the web is no longer just “browse”
* Why “really simple” is a good idea
* What Longhorn will deliver to make this easier for end-users, developers, and publishers

Hysterical – These guys are wearing Longhorn RSS t-shirts (click here).

Dean just showed the photo of the MS Campus (ITS THE DEATHSTAR)… his office is by the Crater. “its an artist rendering based on what some of you have written in your blogs”

Syndication is powerful, syndication is amazing

Syndications history within the halls of Redmond:
1997 – active desktop and channels
2002 – Don Blox
2003 – hired Scoble
“Scoble is actually a platform”
2004 – Scoble gets a camera – Channel 9 starts

MS is trying to get on the cluetrain
MSN Spaces has 14 million users

It all started with Browsing and then Searching

browse (limited)
Search (a lot of upside to go)

The next big leap is SUBSCRIBE
It is an evolution. Subscribe is not just a feature – a new approach to how we acquire, process, analyse and use information. Browse and search didnt go away, but they are specific (think 3 leg stool)

When veryone gets it they will subscribe, they will still browse and search
(my note – but subscribe is the marketers dream – the right message and the right time to the right person – and the citizen media guy’s dream – ON MY TERMS)

subscription is powerful – like TiVo – i am never surfing the same way again (my note – and I dont surf the same way now – more immediate, more on demand, more on my terms).

We (Microsoft and the devs) believe in subscribe deeply

users -> Longhorn -> Developers
are all betting big on RSS for devs and end users

Right now there are not enough who see it and get it (both sides of the user/dev continuum)

MS is betting on three things – making sure throughout windows the experiences are rss enabled and so that “RSS is EASY” (my note – hello dialtone)

    providing a platform in windows
    easy for devs to rss everything
    more than the browser and the aggregator – RSS everywhere
    more scenarions in the future than today

MS has been in discussion with Dave Winer and others

Today – blogs and news “you guys already get it” – this is for everyone else

Amar giving view at longhorn

more to come… (due to the length of these posts, I have split them up and numbered them. Sorry, but they were getting huge).

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