1. Make Meaning

2. Make Mantra
Mission Statements rarely well done, committees
Usually bad
should be (examples
Wendys – Healthy Fast Food
Nike – Authentic Athletis

Dilbert Mission Statement Generator Website

VC – everyone came up with mission statement, he went to dilbert, out of 50 people, he came in 3rd

3. Roll the DICEE

Secret of Evangelism – Guy’s golden touch – whatever is gold, guy touches, not the other way around

what makes something golden?
D – Deep – lots of power, worthy, no buyers remorse, does a lot
Fanning sandal made by reef – has 2x the functionality – metal clip opens beer bottles

I Intelligent – someone was thinking
panasonc flashlight that takes 3x of batteries

C – Complete
not the software, the OEM, VARs, forum, support
the ecosystem
the plugins
all the stuff that surrounds the product
not just the lexis

E – Elegant
great = elegant
know immediately what to do
before ipod wheel – too

E – Emotive – evokes strong feelings
Harley davidson, APple

4. Niche thyself
vert – how unique is this
hor – value to consumer

all 2×2 matrices – go to the upper right 0 best place
lower right – always competing on price
top right – no value but you are the only one – you are stupid
bottom left – dotcom – dogfood
sweet spot – top right – uniquwe product, service, website software
meaning, margin history

fandango – great example
quicksilver watches
Breitling emergency
LG kimchee refigrerator

to be a successful evangelist it would be good if your product was high and to the right

great products and services are, like our president, happen when you are high and to the right

5. Let a hundred flowers blossom

The existence of God is the only reason for Apple’s continued survival

6. Make it personal
make evangelism personal
describe product or service in real terms – relevant to the people

7 Find the true influencers
sstartups get this wrong
CxO person – title and power – most startups want them – guys exp – the higher you go the thinner the air, the less intelligent life
find influencers, tech, admin,
CxO got to where they are by suckin up

8. Enable people to testdrive your product

9. look for agnostics, not atheists – too much trouble

10 Provide a slippery slope
10k to the sierra club, chain self to tree – all counterproductive if you are looking for evangelist
bring them into your cause
dont try to force wholesale change

11. dont let bozos grind you down
dont listen to them
2 kinds –
A. slightly disgusting, body odor , lives with mom – a loser – not dangerous
B. successful, rich, well known = smart – its a big leap
Dangerous Bozosity

“Its too far to drive and I dont see how it can be a business.”
– Guy Kawasaki, Bozo
On turning down the job as CEO at Yahoo

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