Economy of Language
pay by the word for telegrams

Currency comparisons
$ to Canadian $ to Lire, to Linden Dollars to WoW gold

Gravestone – He Pimped Some Software

how to revise what gets written on your tombstone

How to do good – hard to quantify

Economists and social scientists… watch out 🙂


Moulin Wiki – offline copy of wikipedia
all contents of wikipedia on one CD
dist to people with internet but not computer
600 CDs to west africa
translate wikipedia into local languages

Denmark – 5% volunteer but fewer donate
America is the reverse

Gross National Happiness
Can we do good by making people happy

Satisfaction with Life Index – Green is the happiest
launch microfundraising operations in your community

Build something that helps other people do good
build something great

Darren announces his project – nothing but a thought experiment

1% of cred = a lot of staceys

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