Doug Kaye, the Master of Ceremonies behind IT Conversations (including the Gilmore Gang which I love) is talking about a new project that fits well with what he has been doing for a while now. You can find his original post here. and a follow up here.

My new project is to capture (record) all of these presentations, post-produce them, and make them available worldwide for free.
-Doug Kaye

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. Not a little, but a whole lot. A community of people who are attending conferences podcasting them. Making a digial archive. Conferences participating in documenting the action and making their conferences more popular. Oh yeah, there is some Darwinism here. If you stink the whole world (and not just the poor schnooks who paid to see you speak) will know it.

This is a great example of citizen media and I have thrown my hat into the ring to help.

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