Nick Bradbury: Microsoft, RSS and Attention

Above is a link from Nick Bradbury to a post about gnomedex/Microsoft/RSS and Attention. It is a great post and gives a brief glimpse into the long term power of RSS and the stakes involved.

My takeaway:
A. Gnomdex was great (hell yeah)
B. MS will get the benefit of the doubt on RSS, and an A for effort connecting to the community
C. RSS is critical in powering Attention architectures. What you read, what you subscribe to. Nick uses the Amazon analogy of recommendations WHICH IS PERFERCT.
D. Our attention belongs to us. Not MS, not Google, Not Yahoo!. We should determine who has access to our attention data. We should be able to share it with whoever we want. We should not be locked in to any one person or corporations attention architecture.

What do I think? Attention needs to have a framework that is tangible for the community to understand it. I dig it. Nick Bradbury digs it. We need something we can wrap our hands and heads around. But make no mistake. I OWN MY ATTENTION. I do not want to be locked in to any one viewpoint of how my data is used or shared.

My attention
On my terms
Through devices and architectures of my choice.

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