So it seems the social software/media hacking world is seeing a lot of news/buzz/cash this week:
Gawker gets an investment
Jason Calcanis’ WIN gets bought by AOL
and now Dave Winer is doing a deal with Verisign!

Big Deal? Yes for both the blogosphere, which relies a lot on Dave’s ping server, and probably for Dave himself (I doubt he gave it away). Having it go to Verisign frees up Dave to work on OPML and other technologies. Puts the PING server on a massive backbone at Verisign. Gives a big company with deep pockets and devs and time a chance to deal with ping spam.

Most importantly, it puts the ping server with a big player who doesnt have all its eggs in the blogging basket. Verisign can function like switzerland… something Google or Technorati and others might not do.

There is so many cool things happening here.

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