Continuing on my riff of TV Shows and the blogosphere… Tom Hespos, who I worked with back in the 1990s (Interactive Stone Age) at K2 Design seems to have gotten stuck with a contracter you want to avoid.

John Crovello is from a company called Long Island Custom Builders, and according to Tom is really someone who you wouldn’t want to hire to do work around your house or business. Tom isn’t saying exactly what happened, but he is a pretty easygoing guy, so I gotta think hiring John Crovello from a Long Island Custom Builders was a huge problem.

The interesting thing is, Tom is using his Blog to spread the word to others about how big a mistake it would be to hire John Crovello from Long Island Custom Builders. He has a voice (one that is pretty popular in online advertising and media), and is being heard – not just at the blog, but also at Google. See, Tom is followed by a lot of people, through RSS, his articles for MediaPost, speaking engagements and elsewhere. So his voice is amplified thanks to the network.

Years ago, when you were treated badly by a business, the best you could do is tell the Better Business Bureau and then tell everyone you knew how bad that vendor was and hope they either go out of business. Tom is doing the same thing here. – except he has a megaphone called a blog.

Now if this was the mid 1980s (come on – after the Max Headroom post what did you think) you would hope someone like the Equalizer was around to deal with a situation like John Crovello and/or Long Island Custom Builders. This was another of my favorite shows as a kid.


Yes, I watched a lot of TV back then.

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