Every Cable News channel is making shitloads of $$$$ off of the Katrina tragedy. They are all taking commercial money from sponsors. All day and night.

How about FOX News and CNN and MSNBC and the major networks give up some of this ad space and give something back?

Every channel has ‘boots on the ground’ – cameras, sound, producers and reporters. Why dont they go through the refugee centers and the crowds in staging areas and give everyone 1 minute to say their name and where they are at so that if family, who are watching for any news or word of a loved one, might see them. Or even put the word out that they are looking for their families. These are the classic definition of Displaced Persons.

Take a break from Greta VanSustren? I would rather watch 120 seconds of people saying their names and where they are from than seeing another commercial for Chevy trucks.

Its a lot like the holiday messages from our troops when the major networks give guys or a unit a chance to say hello to their loved ones.

Instead of “HI MOM”, its “Hi Mom, I am Still Alive and In Houston” or “I am looking for my daughter who was in XXX Parish”.

What are the networks donating to the refugee crisis?

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