This is almost as good as the Brooklyn Camera store story from a couple of months ago.

In this one BoingBoing’s Cory writes about a person who lost their camera in Hawaii. The camera was found by a family from Canada – who gave their contact info to a park ranger when they found it. The ranger gave it to the owner of the camera – who contacted the family…

Who refuse to return the camera ($500 worth of camera equipment) because their sick (diagnosed with diabetes) son loves it so much. They dont teach that taking and keeping something that isn’t yours is wrong. They teach the kid that finders keepers losers weepers. Pretty ridiculous.

Even better, some guy claiming to be a lawyer has contacted Cory to tell him he is going to be sued for libel (or is it slander?).

Check out the original story here.

Check out Cory’s email chain with the lawer here.

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Last Modified: February 20, 2006

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