1. The Forbes anti-blogging piece was crap
2. Dave Winer is LiveBlogging the Microsoft announcement today, along with bunch of other guys.

LiveBlogging is tough. Its tough on the guy trying to capture everything being said. Tough to add your opinions to what is being said. And tough to keep track of the crowd.

I learned this the hardway at Gnomedex ’05. I asked no questions, kept my head down and tried to keep track of the stage and the room. I didn’t intend to liveblog, I was just trying to take notes for myself. JD had pointed out on his blog what I was doing and it clicked… I am writing for me but sharing with everyone. As a result I spent hours digging through what the other Gnomedexers were writing about (and podcasting and vidcasting). I wanted to see the other SIDES of the story.

Its tough on the guy live blogging.

Its even tougher on the event organizers/company you are liveblogging. Because you give up control. Because you are letting the cat out of the bag. You cant spin the message or the events the way you used to. You are being held to a higher standard, in both content and presentation.

25 minutes into it, all we’ve heard so far is marketing hype. They haven’t shown or said anything new yet. They need to read my How To Demo document. The people in this room are tough customers.
-Dave Winer

Cause we all have a little Dave in us. And now we let him out

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