Just DIGGed it… TikiBarTV is my favorite video podcast (not just because LaLa is really really hot). It is short, fun, PERFECT for the iPod screen and the production values are amateur and great. In this case Amateur is a good word. They work hard. They are funny. They shoot the dang thing in someone’s apartment. They have a drinkbot (we had one in college, but its name was Sween-dog). Their encodes are rockin for Flash8.

And they just redesigned their site from a blog with a user forum to something a little more designed and a heckuva lot slicker. I have been hammering on some clients in the last six months that users want to share. Its fun. Its social. There is a ‘im first’ competition among friends for finding that hysterical chunk of video (hello starwars kid), or gossip or easter egg or exclusive fact from their favorite show (hello LOST) or that podcast they need to be listening to. On of the reasons YouTube has grown so fast is the fact that I can put a video on my site or blog or myspace page courtesy of YouTube (remember when MySpace banned YouTube and the neighborhood went nuts?).

The Tiki Gods have obviously been listening to some of my prayers (they ignored the request for LaLas phone number). They have added a share page and inconography to the site:

All over the site you will see the “gift” icon. Click it to :
1) Email a friend about a Tiki Bar Episode
2) Add an episode to your MYSPACE profile, or to your friends comments. (works for all sites like MYSPACE, or even your OWN website! yaah!)
It’s easy, and there are instructions so you won’t screw it up (unless of course you’re French)

This kicks ass – the tribe at is pretty engaged (rabid, aggressive, constantly checkin back). Being even more share-friendly will only increase their popularity (I use them as an example at EVERY pitch and tech presentation I give clients).

Now if we could just get Dr Tiki, JohnnyJohnny and LaLa to go to Gnomedex!

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