Syndication technologies

Mostly ATOM – some RSS

will post to his blog

who is he

pushing data

Archi on windows live platfomr

new search tech and social media space

build better content online
3 things
Intermediate level

great to use feeds – popular consumer endpoints
button inside browser chrome
option in NYTimes to check fresh daily
avail by section

browser is a gateway
news, data, sites
desktop – outlook 2007 – feeds built in

stay on top of info flows every day

every time you access gmail – button shows up
latest messages and subjects – authenticated – build a toolbar – pull in and do notifier
all the ways to do standardized format
CIA and NSA talked to each other – shared intel
e-govt initiative
taking data flows – from ops to people they are following – how do you follow the latest
e-govt initiatives

stat tools – measure map – update on traffic

TiVo – companies are unable to build all the content you want – choose 100 channels – video feed – putin the same now playin list – can take high def and put on tivo or apple tv
alt content

html page with alt content
link alts can expose that data

formats – website in formats and let them discover
alt feed content
all brpwsers

Search engine discoverability
coorelate with feeds
multiple choices exposed
subscribe to summary feed – or cat on youtube – mult choices and engage mult places


neded these standards to come together

Dec 2005 – ATOM publsihed
2 years in making
web content and media syndication
should ? must? requirement?
interop for data formats and feeds
opening up new meth of data transport
XML namespace – feeds most popular form

When Updated


each feed has multiple entries
entry has required and optional elements
storys or feed should have author

Summary and Content
display not full content
if you output web feeds do you lose traffic?
point to final url – full or abstract – text or html

NYT sunday magazine
what does it all mean
entry title
entry author
pub date
link enclosure (like attachment)
related links

Standalone browser render environment
isolated web page
relative link – means nothing to a feed in the aggregator – images wont display
rendering ind. browser environment
same with links
use inline CSS
no javascript, no plugins
some readers will strip content before it is stored
anything that can hurt them is stored
depends on how you render

User interaction varies – myYahoo – pulls in things they know are feeds – updates, feeds then jump into more feeds

take tag URIs, take domain and take article IDs – or use URLs

published when initially released – updates when add or edited
as you update that – layer on updated time to the post
tells agg something changed in this article
something significant changed
determines new content instead of old

who are you?
author or contributor – one author per story

spammers index feeds

why include an email? direct response/feedback

site your source – imp for rep and who are you
give credit
really like a story? subscribe as reading to the entire feed
showing the stories on NYTimes – show me only this section

specific itunes ways

pdfs synducated into itunes

avoid confusion of tongues problems

creaing something where another space is already available
popular parsing libraries

publishing and creating own namespace – create a parser
make sure the data isnt lost
something not understood – all indexable
feed validators

wc3 is more of a stable validator – no intricacies

Secure Feeds
keeping track of current projects
dont want it searchable
not in bloglines or google feed search
flickr scrambles url – at user and photo level
when feed agg sees HTTPS – looks private
agg devs dont pay attention to cache control
daring fireball – membership for full feed ($20 a year) – paypal ID – auto username and password
pub house could do it for current subscribers
gmail – authenticated experiences

possible to est jabber clients whihc connect and send incremental updates via AIM – extra payload
push out to app
good way to push to lots and lots of clients

Atom vs rss2.0.1
producing media files – atom not ready yet
all looking at enclosures and rss
adoption across the board
atomtrickle down will happen
web hasnt moved to xhtml 1.0 strict

atom engagement format 1 of 3
pub protocal
Atom has more standardization – more work done, more predictable behavior
a roaming team of enforcers it is parsing right
parsing libs also output

frameworks have standardized ways

object level

quick and easy way to do it

client support for atom from phones to desktop clients

still an issue for podcatchers

enclosure element in rss 2

alot of academic work around semantic web
atom and rss 2 most pop and widely adopted
FOAF and social networks via rdf – we have moved on
rss1 camp into atom

ATOM allows per entry copyright
define within atom
all rights belong to oreilly
pub houses – list mult contribs

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