Tnis is very cool – Jeff Jarvis discusses Recovery 2.0, and event that took place at the Web2.0 conference this past week.

Recovery2.0 is the start of a conversation at how regular folks, powered by internet-based technology and pre-planning could respond to the next Katrina/Ivan/Andrew/9-11.

But, of course, there is no “it.” There is no one system or authority or organization. This is the distributed internet, where people’s best efforts will pop up everywhere. The real goal is, as I described here, to get us to communicate and swarm better around needs, around the best replies, and around making the best better.

Open source, open standards, distributed, resilient, easily connected to existing/emergent/spot-developed systems.

Check out the original blog post here:

Key needs and characteristics:

Recovery2.0 Wiki

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