Great post from Mark Cuban concerning the video iPod launch this week. Cuban is involved in the creation (HDFilms, HDNet) and distribution of content (Landmark Cinemas, DVDs, and a number of syndicated TV properties).

Its not inconceivable that just as DVDs have surpassed box office in revenues and the theatrical release has become a commercial for the DVD sale, the network TV broadcast could become the commercial for the download sale. I dont see download sales surpassing advertising revenue, but I do see it as likely that the download sales could more than compensate for any advertising market weakness brought on by ratings erosion and / or changes in how ads are delivered on TV. I also think it wont be long before we see an ad or two in front of the show that will further increase revenue.

This move (the Video iPod release coupled with ABC making its content downloadable) is a big step. This creates a video podcasting opportunity for microbroadcasters going forward. Similar to the way Podcasting became a phenomenon:
the device (iPod or any other)
+ plus interested users
+ broadband
+ a distribution platform (the internet)
+ cheap tools to ‘roll your own’
the potential of ‘everyone a broadcaster’.

The barriers to entry are falling. Talent and a voice is more important these days than having an AVID. Look at what Amanda Congdon and RocketBoom are doing – they are producing their own show, ON A DAILY BASIS. Microbroadcasting. Systm, NerdTV, Rocketboom – all examples of we-media, citizen media, personal publishing. Not a big production. Small, fast, personal, interesting, fun.

And congrats to RocketBoom for the debut at a Steve Jobs presentation:
RocketBoom is on Steve Job's list of video podcasts

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